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Internet personality Neil Cicierega (previously) has released a new mashup album based on Smash Mouth, "Smooth," "The Power of Love," Daft Punk, and other stuff: Mouth Sounds.
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I'm normally anti-mashup on principle, but there are many moments on this thing that leave me utterly speechless.
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I'm normally pro-mashup on principle, but smash mouth.
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I don't believe that Neil Cicierega is so much an "Internet personality" as much as he is the actual personality of the Internet.
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My favorite part so far is the part with bees. It reflects the best possible Cards Against Humanity card, which is "Bees?"
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WOW, the part with Smashmouth and that cheesy sax riff, followed by Alanis Morrisette and that SAME cheesy sax riff it (around the 16 minute mark) for some reason about put me into tears.

(on preview the the Beatles/pitch shifted Smashmouth a couple of minutes later...)
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I'm normally pro-mashup on principle, but smash mouth.

I think the musical term is 'Smash-up'
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that SAME cheesy sax riff

I think that's the Full House intro, isn't it?
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butts and I cannot lie
butts and I cannot lie
butts and I cannot lie
butts and I cannot lie

also this is great
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Neil Cicierega makes the internet worth it.
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I think that's the Full House intro, isn't it?
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Just looked it up, it's the ending theme song from Full House. I now have a new bit of musical trivia knowledge NOT related to iambic pentameter and the battle hymn/Gilligan's Island. Thanks!
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A YouTube playlist and the SoundCloud page for those who can't load the linked page.
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That first track has sort of an Art of Noise thing going on, kinda.
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Okay, so Neil has also made a pretty solid case that "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" and "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy are the EXACT SAME SONG. If you haven't done so already, please set aside an hour when you won't be responsible for operating heavy machinery and listen to this.
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I can't pick my favorite part of this. The circutbend remix of Santana's "Smooth". Loverboy vs Smashing Pumpkins.

Enya vs "Smooth" is incredible
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I didn't expect to like this, since I'm generally skeptical to mashups (with the exception of some Kleptones stuff), but this is... I hesitate to say "genius", but it manages to simultaneously parody the worst of mashups and also be pretty good.
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This is evil. This is awful. I hate this.

I need to listen to it again.
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The linked site seems to be having trouble at the moment. So, I thought, maybe this is on YouTube? I'll just search YouTube for "Mouth Sounds"...

You need to search Youtube for "Mouth Sounds" right now because there's some kind of amazing subculture out there making very strange videos to induce autonomous sensory meridian response. It feels like the most abstract pornography I've ever seen.
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All hail Neil Cicierega, Shadow King of the Internet.

He's been posting singles from this for a while and more recently answering questions about this on his tumblr.
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The intro to this sounds like it's from some nightmare, youtube poop reimagining of a clockwork orange.
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o my god now that i'm most of the way into this, it sounds EXACTLY like something i would have made in ableton live in college. especially the power of love mix almost exactly at the 30 min mark.

This scratches some weird itch i forgot i even had.
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I've been reaching for superlatives to describe this, and what I've come up with is:

The joy of hearing this is worth the pain of having Smash Mouth stuck in my head for the rest of the day.
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...tears in rain.

You're welcome.
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I can't believe I ate the whole thing.
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...tears in rain.

You're welcome.

Psst. Listen to the album maybe
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by Alanis Morrisette and that SAME cheesy sax riff

Which is, as noted, the Full House closing theme. And who was on Full House? Dave "Cut It Out!" Coulier. And what's the Alanis song? You Oughta Know. And who famously allegedly ought to know, having been gone down upon in a theatuh?


Neil Cicierega is super duper not fucking around, guys. I am in love with everything on this monster, it's like Girl Talk got high as shit and went clubbing and then it turned out the club was actually the discount rack at the one Sam Goody store still in existence and the clerk doesn't want to call the cops because he still thinks this could turn into a sale maybe.
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I think mashups fell out of fashion because people got lazy. Just throw a 4/4 vocal track on someone else's 4/4 backing track and make sure the choice of songs is ironic. It got so that I felt nobody cared about the resulting cacophony, which kind of goes against the concept of the mashup in the first place.

Neil is doing actual work. He's remixing the stems like a goddamn madman. He is having fun. This is fantastic.
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You guys are making this sound like the greatest mashup album since "A Night at the Hip-Hopera." I'll give it a listen.
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I'm wholly unsure whether every comment in this thread is part of a giant joke that I'm not in on, or entirely serious, but either way, I can't stop listening just to see what happens next.
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For my money, the best mashup album that ever was is The Kleptones' Uptime, but there's some stuff here that I'd put right up there with it.

I can't believe that Smash Mouth is what got me to enjoy hearing Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger again.
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All right; that was hilarious and great. Thanks for posting it. And kudos to cortex for pointing out the Alanis Morrisette / Full House connection; I don't think I would have made that mental leap even though I knew that Dave Coulier was the man down on whom she went.
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Aaagh. I'm finally getting to listen to this, and somehow I can no longer distinguish between Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger and Walkin' on the Sun. They're both so ingrained for me that mashing them together doesn't even sound new. You could play this on the radio while I was driving somewhere and I'm not sure I'd notice.
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Neil just posted ANOTHER non-related mashup: Crocodile Chop. (System of a John?)
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butts and I cannot lie

This must be emphasized.
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Billie Jean v Smells Like Teen Spirit. Holy shit........
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I forgot, do you need a credit card to ride this train?
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