"Everyone On Wall Street Is A Dick."
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The two-day Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) graduate showcase at NYU was a madhouse, with some 100 projects on view, ranging from groundbreaking innovations to timely trinkets. But the most talked about project by far was Peiqi Su's "Penis Wall" - an array of 81 robotic phalli that rise and fall in response to the stock market. Official Vimeo account for the project - Thesis presentation - in depth How-it-was-made production blog. (Slightly NSFW if your work doesn't like white, plastic, abstract dicks.)
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penis wall. i am in awe. if yahoo finance bought and integrated this concept, i could intuitively scope out the market even faster than now.
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Oh, hey, I taught a class at ITP last semester and saw the Penis Wall in production. I assumed it was some kind of reaction to Danny Rozin's Wooden Mirror piece which has hung in the entryway of ITP for many years.

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...if your work doesn't like white, plastic, abstract dicks.

/mustn't make a joke about fellow employes, mustn't make a joke about fellow employes, mustn't make a joke about fellow employes

/damn it
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Thanks for this -- I saw this somewhere earlier this week and loved it, but the behind the scenes stuff makes me love it so much more.

Because seriously, what is not to love about something with a section labelled Penises Matrix Design.
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I have a friend who graduated from this program and have been to (previous) shows -- definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. They do some amazing work. And some, um, other stuff.
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Looking forward to reading this, though I already favorited because of the title.
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Reminded me a bit of Japan's IDPW.
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Now I want to make a "deleted scene" for the movie "Labyrinth" that's more NSFW and nightmare fuel.
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They don't look comfortable. But the stock market thing—brilliant.
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I think "abstract" means different things to you and me, Whelk.
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Inspired by the late H. R. Giger?

Now I want to see the same thing with hundreds or thousands of big swinging dicks, each one moving according to the price of a single company. You could do the S&P 500, or utilities, or any subset of the market you want. A whole new paradigm for data visualization!
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I see that government stimulus has added some bounce to the market.
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Guys! Guys! I've got a great idea for how to integrate visualization of dividend payments into the Penis Wall!
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The Dickwolf of Wall Street
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