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Since the announcement in February of this year that the nearby star TRAPPIST-1 has seven earth-size planets orbiting it, popular understanding of its complex orbital mechanics has been enhanced by insights from Jazz Music and a Graphic Novel.
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I hope the civilizations of this system are eponysterical, and that we find a peaceful civilization that has channeled all their aggression and competitive urges into the quest into brewing and pouring the finest fermented beverages possible.

I'm imagining something like the Ordo Mechanicus of Warhammer 40K, but without guns other than beer-guns for tapping kegs. BrauMeister 40K. In the cheery inebriation of the dim future there is only hops.
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I hope the civilizations of this system are eponysterical but not in the form of a familiar Star Wars meme.
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I was amazed that the orbits of the planets in this system were in resonance, in ratios of Fibonacci numbers!
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Yes, the "Jazz" link is maybe the most interesting.
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This is all wonderful.

I love this heading from the Graphic Novel About section: "Why focus on ultra-cool stars?"

This is ultra-cool.

Thank you!
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I hope the civilizations of this system are eponysterical

There's also a project called SPECULOOS. Both TRAPPIST and SPECULOOS are out of the University of Liege, in Belgium. I'm hoping they name their next telescope WAFFLES.
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Wow, I love the jazz link!
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In Belgium, they're called Luik Waffles.

I presume in Luik they name them after some localdistrict or street.

Below the Planck length nobody's quite sure what to call a Belgian waffle.
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It's pronounced T-RAPPIST, and they drop the sickest beats.
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That video (at the "jazz" link) is really well done. It doesn't just present the system's information, it has a pace and meaning and style that is a wonderful complement to the information.
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