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knit two, purl two

How to knit a GIGANTO-BLANKET! The finished product: Giganto-blanket – finished! Oh yeah, and there's a cat.
posted to MetaFilter by cjorgensen at 4:31 PM on March 17, 2011 (44 comments)

I would like to clone Lois McMaster Bujold...

I would like to clone Lois McMaster Bujold...
posted to Ask MetaFilter by jb at 10:49 AM on February 14, 2011 (27 comments)

Share Your Grainless Recipes!

Help my sanity - share your grainless vegetarian recipes! I can't tolerate any grains, rice, oat, barley, wheat, corn, quinoa, etc. This means that traditional "gluten free" replacements are out of the question. I'm starting to hit the wall in terms of being able to deal with it, and I need some variety in my diet! Right now, I'm avoiding eating because it's so disheartening, and I want the joy back in meal times. A sample of what I eat currently under the fold.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by stoneweaver at 1:33 PM on February 4, 2011 (89 comments)

Is a revolution at hand?

In preparation for massive protests after Friday prayers, it's being reported that Egypt has completely shut down access to the internet and most text and MMS messaging.
posted to MetaFilter by notion at 5:55 PM on January 27, 2011 (2734 comments)

Best current design blogs?

If I like notcot, picocool, freshbump, cribcandy, oobject, .kompound., materialicious, workspaces, core77, 2modern, design sponge, then what other design/fashion blogs out there will absolutely blow my freaking mind?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by felix at 11:07 AM on November 19, 2010 (12 comments)

Looking for recommendations for fantasy novels.

I'm currently looking for some new fantasy books to read. The last thread I found that was closest to this was in 2004, so I figure some new stuff has come out since then. I'm looking for books that are actually well written, and aren't overly dense or ridiculous.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by gchucky at 6:38 PM on November 30, 2010 (38 comments)

Pagan Pantheons of Europe besides the Greek, Roman and Norse?

Everyone knows about the Greeks and the Romans and the Norse, but what are some of the less well known pantheons and pagan religions from Europe?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by empath at 2:43 PM on November 24, 2010 (20 comments)

I really don't care about Katy Perry. Really.

Alternatives to Jezebel.com? Blogs "for women" that aren't awful?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Anonymous at 1:50 PM on October 26, 2010 (17 comments)

Excuse me while I whip this out

I'm looking for hilarious films to watch - but there are some things I'd like to avoid. Can you help me out?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Despondent_Monkey at 7:47 PM on November 11, 2010 (104 comments)

The mother of all airplane trips

How to Buy a Round-the-World Plane Ticket (That Kicks Ass). Chris Guillebeau: "....Each airline alliance has its own rules for how the ticket works. The one from Star Alliance is mileage based, meaning you’ll have a limit of 26,000, 29,000, 34,000 or 39,000 miles on your ticket. The trick here is to optimize your route to...below one of the tiers, (A friend of mine got his itinerary to 33,998 miles, which I thought was pretty good.)". This, and reserving, paying for and planning the mother of all plane trips (along with Things to Watch out for).
posted to MetaFilter by storybored at 8:10 PM on October 11, 2010 (39 comments)

Looking for books similar to Devil in the White City, The Ghost Map, etc.

I've recently realized that three books I've seriously enjoyed fall into a sort of common genre: The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson, The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester, and the Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. I am looking for more books like this to read.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by kensington314 at 9:36 AM on September 5, 2010 (13 comments)

The Best Magazine Articles Ever

Kevin Kelly has posted a list of what he believes are the best magazine articles ever.
posted to MetaFilter by reenum at 12:26 PM on July 28, 2010 (88 comments)

You were doing it wrong

What in life did it take you a surprisingly long time to realize you've been doing wrong all along?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by colinmarshall at 1:58 PM on July 6, 2010 (933 comments)

Give me the Dickens

Saucy novel recommendations, please! I really liked Perfume, Les Liaisons Dangereuses and The Crimson Petal and the White. What are some other wry/dirty/dark period novels?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Ambrosia Voyeur at 12:45 PM on June 19, 2010 (29 comments)

Something fresh, for fresh chickpeas?

What recipes are best suited for fresh chickpeas? (aka garbanzo beans)
posted to Ask MetaFilter by fontophilic at 10:29 AM on May 5, 2010 (13 comments)

Strong female in Mystery/Suspense Books

Strong female lead in Mystery Books
posted to Ask MetaFilter by roxiesmom at 7:58 AM on April 10, 2010 (50 comments)

You'll put your eye out!

You'll put your eye out! My childhood was fraught with peril. I rode bikes without a helmet. My friends made flashpowder bombs. I brought knives and lasers to school. I survived. Blogger Tim Blair did too, and asks "What insane risks did you take as kids that would now induce rage and fear if repeated by your children?"
posted to MetaFilter by bitmage at 10:42 AM on December 1, 2004 (147 comments)

Where's the funny

Where can I find the funniest posts on mefi?
posted to MetaTalk by yawper at 12:21 PM on April 7, 2010 (123 comments)

The peanut is neither a pea nor a nut. Discuss.

What are your "secret weapon" conversation topics? These are the topics that never fail to engage a group of people, are fun, interesting, long-lasting, and non-offensive? Examples inside.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by TimeTravelSpeed at 11:33 AM on March 9, 2010 (85 comments)

Lady songs by ladies

What other songs and artists fit my overly-specific criteria? Briefly: female vocalist; sweet, soothing voice; singing quietly and backed by lush acoustic instrumentation.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by pseudostrabismus at 12:33 PM on March 4, 2010 (77 comments)

Survival Tips for Uncommon Situations

What are your best survival tips for dangerous situations that someone might realistically find themselves in?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Effigy2000 at 8:02 PM on February 11, 2010 (107 comments)

More obscure books in serial killer fiction

I'm looking for lesser-known fictional books involving serial killers along the lines of works such as Monstrum (Donald James) and By Reason of Insanity by Shane Stevens. All the lists I am pulling up are the big names such as Deaver, Cornwell, Harris, Carr, etc etc. Anybody have some obscure favorites? They don't have to be series (though I enjoyed David Wiltse's '90s run), and actually prefer them not to be series. They can be older works like Jim Thompson's The Killer Inside Me. Thanks for your suggestions.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by snap_dragon at 11:02 AM on January 28, 2010 (13 comments)

Sky burials in Tibet

Sky burials are often practiced in the mountains of Tibet, both for religious and practical reasons. Basically, the corpse is placed on a mountain top and sliced open in various places, to attract the birds of prey circling above. They’d probably feast on it anyway, but an invitation like that doesn’t hurt.
posted to MetaFilter by Mr_Zero at 11:56 PM on January 23, 2010 (107 comments)

How do I start scuba diving?

I want to start scuba diving as a hobby. Where do I begin?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by icollectpurses at 9:15 AM on June 25, 2008 (12 comments)

hero and villain are one and the same

I'm looking for stories of a type such that in some twist, the (for instance) police commissioner in charge of the search for the archvillain turns out to be the villain himself. Or something along that pattern.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by swimmingly at 7:00 PM on January 7, 2010 (39 comments)

Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down. Anyplace but those I know by heart.

I would like to make a mix of "post grunge" modern rock type music. Gin Blossoms, Toad the Wet Sprocket etc.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by ND¢ at 6:36 PM on July 26, 2007 (71 comments)

There once was a girl named Lenore

Famous Poems Rewritten as Limericks , as brought to us by our very own Lore Sjöberg. English majors, begin your griping now.
posted to MetaFilter by SansPoint at 5:21 AM on July 23, 2007 (301 comments)

How can I get a handle on the negative thoughts running through my mind constantly

To those who have successfully treated their depression using CBT or are in the process of doing so: How did you/ do you handle the constant barrage of negative thoughts and self evaluations?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Anonymous at 10:11 AM on June 21, 2007 (20 comments)

Pirate myths...they're drivin' me nuts.

Pirate myths debunked. Slate's Explainer attacks your favorite pirate stereotypes: walking the plank, saying "arrr." Not a myth: pirate republics. Pirates formed egalitarian mini-states based upon utopian values, a prime reason for their brutal suppression by European authorities.
posted to MetaFilter by nasreddin at 8:18 PM on June 5, 2007 (126 comments)

PDF warnings

PDF warnings are always appreciated by me. Lack of a PDF warning is annoying. PDF seems so outdated and unnecessary.
posted to MetaTalk by longsleeves at 8:06 PM on May 30, 2007 (87 comments)

Access to scholastic papers

Accessing JStor would greatly improve both my mental life and my historical research. However there are a few problems. I live in Spain and I am not accredited to any Institution of learning so popping down to my local library is not an option. Does anyone have any suggestions.? Email in profile.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by adamvasco at 4:25 AM on May 31, 2007 (11 comments)

he said/she said

Looking for good books with alternating narration.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by mustcatchmooseandsquirrel at 8:04 AM on April 25, 2007 (43 comments)

When the original just isn't enough

When the usual fanfiction fare just doesn't cut it ... there's shipping and then there's slash, with coined terms such as squick and mpreg. The usual suspects are Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and the Phantom of the Opera - and then there's Kirk/Spock, Hermione/Ginny, Cloud/Sephiroth, and lots more. And it's not limited to recent works - there's also some Jesus/Judas Biblical action going on. (Mostly text, with the occasional NSFW jpg.)
posted to MetaFilter by Xere at 12:50 AM on April 11, 2007 (50 comments)

Please recommend me some reading material

I've recently realised that I'm into certain types of fiction books. Please recommend some other books/authors I might find interesting.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Solomon at 4:19 PM on April 6, 2007 (55 comments)

Looking for SF book recommendations featuring space empires.

Looking for recommendations of Science Fiction book/series involving well-constructed, involving, and believable universes.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Raven13 at 12:34 PM on April 6, 2007 (62 comments)

Don't let me miss the boomerang exhibition!

Help me not miss anything on my "once in a lifetime" trip through southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand!
posted to Ask MetaFilter by antifuse at 3:02 AM on March 28, 2007 (25 comments)

I need your recipes.

Feedmyfamilyforaweekfilter: Now that we finished the lasagna, what other full meal sorts of dishes can I make in my big glass lasagna pan?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by thirteenkiller at 9:38 AM on March 2, 2007 (40 comments)

Sweet Sounds for the Stressed and Cloistered

Music-for-studying-for-the-@#%#-bar-exam-filter: Please help me balm the pain of preparing for this miserable test by recommending excellent music that's either wholely instrumental or not in English.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by palmcorder_yajna at 6:29 PM on February 18, 2007 (38 comments)

greece, travel

It's official, we're taking a trip to Greece this June. Specifically to the Greek Islands. Help me plan an itinerary!
posted to Ask MetaFilter by donguanella at 8:57 AM on February 14, 2007 (17 comments)

Spread my options

Hummus recipe filter: What’s the most interesting (and delicious) hummus you’ve made? I’m tired of all my variations and in the mood for something new. Recipes that go beyond the usual add-ons (i.e. sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, jalapeno, bonnet peppers, etc.) are particularly welcome.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by special-k at 12:18 PM on February 6, 2007 (37 comments)

Go. Bananas. Go go bananas.

Help me use up my stash of frozen bananas.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by sanitycheck at 12:08 AM on February 3, 2007 (25 comments)

Not necessarily vegetarian/vegan uses for nutritional yeast, please.

So, I bought a container of nutritional yeast. Now what do I do with it? (Other than put it on popcorn.)
posted to Ask MetaFilter by desuetude at 6:50 AM on January 10, 2007 (23 comments)

Roasting a little fella that's cute, yellow, and chubby...

What is your favorite recipe for roasting duck?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by ztdavis at 9:34 PM on December 27, 2006 (11 comments)

What's the best screenwriting software?

Do any of you have any advice for buying screenwriting software? I am looking for something fairly cheap, but want to hear about your experiences with the different software products available. Are there any that just suck? Are there any quality WORD add-on programs you've had success with?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by brheavy at 11:21 AM on February 18, 2005 (23 comments)

three-letter word for a male cat and a five-letter word for a sea-faring vacation

We recently had a MetaTalk thread regarding a three-letter word for a male cat and a five-letter word for a sea-faring vacation. I won't protest the thread's deletion; the entire site exists at the administration's discretion. What concerns me, however, are the Orwellian implications of deletion with no residual record in a community-based site.
posted to MetaTalk by The Confessor at 8:57 AM on December 19, 2006 (2 comments)

Russian History in Book Form: A Quest for a Gift

Can you help me find a book which traverses Russian history from, well, as far back as possible up to the Russian Revolution of 1917?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by The Great Big Mulp at 5:15 PM on December 17, 2006 (10 comments)

Red Red Meat: Where can I purchase you?

I'd like to send some raw meat to my brother for Christmas. Web site suggestions?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by otherwordlyglow at 7:42 PM on December 13, 2006 (23 comments)

Why are some people chronically late?

Why are some people chronically late?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by grumblebee at 9:53 AM on November 24, 2004 (142 comments)
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