May 6

I'm not a scientist, but I play one on the internet

Emily Stoneking knits dissections. Frogs. Earthworms. Lab rats. And of course, aliens. [more inside]
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Search racism. Find truth.

"As of April 19, anyone in Germany searching for xenophobic videos on YouTube will first be shown clips featuring actual refugees who rebut prejudices; with facts, personal anecdotes, surprising revelations and even humor." Refugees Welcome. [more inside]
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A Piet Mondrian-themed version of Pong you can play in your browser.
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"Trolls differ primarily in their for-the-sake-of-which."

Aristotle's "On Trolling" (pdf; html), translation by Rachel Barney: One might wonder whether there is an art of trolling and an excellence; and indeed some say that Socrates was a troll, and so that the good man also trolls. And this is in fact what the troll claims: that he is a gadfly and beneficial, and without him to ‘stir up’ the thread it would become dull and unintelligent. But this is incorrect. For Socrates was speaking frankly when he told the Athenians to care for their souls, rather than money and honors, and showed that they lacked knowledge. And this is not trolling but the contrary, exhortation and truth-telling—even if the citizens get very annoyed. (via)
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Pepsi Brown. Or Yellow.

Pee & Poo [more inside]
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Oh, weep no more today! We will sing one song, for the old Kentucky Home

The Kentucky Derby, "America's Greatest Race," will take place at Churchill Downs this weekend. CNN international has answers to 11 general questions to get you started in the festivities, and NBC New York has a short history of the spectacle around the race, which is largely about fashion through the decades. And then there's the opening ceremony and song - My Old Kentucky Home (official "sing along" video). It sounds pretty somber, and it is, especially if you sing all of the original 1831 lyrics. The Forgotten Racial History Of Kentucky's State Song (NPR Codeswitch). [more inside]
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It's harder for us nonbelievers

An Illustrated Talk With Maurice Sendak
When Christoph Niemann stumbled on a 'Fresh Air' interview with Maurice Sendak, wild things started to transpire. [more inside]
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Sand ...sand ...sand

Celebrate Orson Welles 101th birthday with this collection of his commercial work (and famous outakes), an episode of You Must Remember This on his relationship with Rita Hayworth and the Mercury Wonder show (original flyer) or listen to him narrate a bonkers documentary commissioned by the then Shah of Iran 'Eternal Light' .
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How many U.S. deaths result from medical error?

"A study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine says medical errors should rank as the third-leading cause of death in the United States." - ProPublica [more inside]
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"Bruh, can you not?"

Are you an overly confident, underqualified white guy who wants to run for office? Jack Teter and Kyle Huelsman want you not to, and have set up the Can You Not PAC to discourage you and any other "handsome upwardly mobile upper-middle class white dude who is well intentioned and 'super progressive'". [more inside]
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Well, a submarine is indeed a boat

The NERC has decided to name their new science vessel the RSS David Attenborough, in defiance of their online poll. The onboard submarine will be given the regal name "Boaty McBoatface." Though the NYT insists that the Internet is pouting about the decision, the Internet mostly seems pretty happy with the compromise. [previously]
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Superheated water is dangerous enough in a non-toxic form TBQH

Steam's turned toxic, and Valve doesn't care. A tale of community vs. technological moderation. [more inside]
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inspect element

CALVES CALVES CALVES "not sure why i rewrote the copy on the men’s clothing section of the uniqlo website, but i did it. the words are different now." [more inside]
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"Iina doonti'da [Life does not end, it goes on]." - Headman Manuelito

The Bears Ears are 9,000ft twin buttes in southeastern Utah bordering Canyonlands National Park featuring canyons, rivers, over 100,000 archaeological sites, and the possible site of a new Bears Ears National Monument. The proposal comes from a local coalition of sovereign Native nations. "They belong to everyone, and everyone should take responsibility for protecting them." (Jim Enote, Pueblo of Zuni) However there is push back from others in the local community and state legislature. [more inside]
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Revolutions in the Grave

Many of history’s darkest figures were denied a formal burial place primarily to prevent their graves from becoming pilgrimage sites...... Such figures’ literal corporeal remains hold a persistent grip on our collective anxiety, their memories firmly planted in heritage discourses even as we attempt to efface their human remains from the landscape.
Paul Mullins, a historical archaeologist who has previously looked at humanizing Nazi everyday life, Eva Braun's underwear, the repugnant heritage of slavery, and selfies at Auschwitz, turns his attention to Dark Heritage and the Burial of Abhorrent Bodies.
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I've been waiting 40 years for someone like you.

Edward Snowden: Whistleblowing Is Not Just Leaking — It’s an Act of Political Resistance
Whistleblowers are outliers of probability, and if they are to be effective as a political force, it’s critical that they maximize the amount of public good produced from scarce seed. [more inside]
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19.52 Megatons per Pound

A calculator for how much destructive force would be released by a given weight of antimatter.
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Changing the game at Harvard

This morning, Harvard University announced that beginning with the Class of 2021, members of single-gender private clubs and Greek organizations will be banned from holding athletic team captaincies or leadership positions in all student groups, and will be ineligible for College endorsement for top fellowships like the Rhodes and Marshall scholarships. [more inside]
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Evidently Mom has the hots for weirdo weatherman

Mom is Dating Weird Wayne From the wonderful Awful Library Books blog (previously) comes this book by Mary Jane Auch, perhaps most famous for the "I Was a Third Grade ... " series of books [more inside]
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Old Bicycle Newsreels

British Pathe has a bunch of great old bike newsreels uploaded to YouTube: Birth of the Bike (1937); Historic Bikes (1953); Six Day Race (1937); Penny Farthing Bike (1928); Penny Farthing Race (1936); Cycling Tips (1936); Housewife Cyclist (1956); All about Bikes (1959)
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Gabe the dog sings Do the Hustle [more inside]
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How Are Things In Your Town?

When he saw a 538 article that claimed to define "normal America" as cities similar to the national average based on "race, education, and age", statistics freak Lyman Stone thought it needed much more detailed analysis. So he collected 20 sets of statistics (from % Married to % Households With No Phone) and made a big honking spreadsheet he called Lyman's Grand Scale of Urban Weirdness. So based on his 20-factor-analysis, which American Metro Areas are most "Normal" and which are most "Weird"? [more inside]
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Think your city doesn’t like you? You’re right

Hostile architecture, also known as defensive architecture, exists on a spectrum. At one end are the overt design features that are obvious to anyone walking by—like spikes and fences. At the other end, says Petty, are the design elements in which “the hostile function is often embedded under a socially palatable function.”
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Finger(nail) Licking Good

KFC in Hong Kong Has Released "Lickable" Nail Polish Would you really want it to remain on your fingers? Indefinitely? These are just two of the salient questions raised by the chicken chain’s new Hong Kong marketing campaign, in which it is offering lickable, edible fingernail polish in two flavors: Original, and Hot and Spicy.
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Lance-level creep, just not as good at it

Local Strava cycling legend is former racer, convicted doper, drug dealer, and clothing company owner.
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Beauty lies inside the eye of another youthful dream

Portuguese photographer Tomba Lobos uses "caucasian skin color play dough" to enhance portraits:

P H O T O G R A P H S / 1
P H O T O G R A P H S / 2
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May 5

Extorting inmates' families is big business

The End of Prison Visitation
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Notes from a burning room

KC Green, the artist behind the "this is fine" meme, talks about its origin and meaning.
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The Art of Spitting Tacks

"My training involves tongue techniques that were taught to me by older masters." Master Upholsterer Kevin Kennedy demonstrates the dangerous art of spitting tacks. [more inside]
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The Summer of '66

Batman, remakes, TV spin-offs, comic adaptations — not much has changed in half a century. Here's what the summer movie schedule looked like in 1966. [more inside]
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I am told that people kill albinos and chop their body parts.

In / Visibility - "They have not been registered at birth.
Similarly, they do not die, rather, they 'vanish.' There are no graves of albinos in cemeteries — people would come and steal the bones."
In neighbouring Malawi, the UN warns Witchcraft Superstitions could lead to 'Total Extinction' for Albinos.
Last Year Tanzanian albino children mutilated for use in witchcraft received treatment in the US. Progress is slow combatting violence and discrimination.
(Previously 1; 2. and the quote - dated 1950)
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Did you know that 2016 is the International Year of Pulses? Better not miss all the fun! [more inside]
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HTML form Rube Goldberg machine, with some musical accompaniment.
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Aunt Mary's graduation class. She was kept home for fear of the typhoid.

"The Pot And How To Use It": Roger Ebert's long, slightly crazed love-letter to the humble rice cooker.
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Anger and fear go together like rama-lama-lama ka-ding-a-da-ding-da-dong

Worse Things: Sandy and Rizzo and Me, an essay by Mara Wilson
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Short Attention Span Theatre: Cooking Edition

Tastemade, the food and travel video network, (previously) has an extensive collection of short (15-60 second) food and cooking videos (and photos) from around the world. Incredibly, many recipes are self-explanatory on their own, but most have the full recipe in the comments: Japan; Brasil; Español; Indonesia; Chile; UAE. The main Tastemade Instagram account includes English versions of at least some of the other videos. [Jaunty auto-playing music alert.]
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all kinds of water in voxels

Water in voxels: a pleasant little collection of watery scenes hand-drawn in chunky 3D. (Voxels are the 3d equivalent of pixels, like the blocks that make up a minecraft world.) [more inside]
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"We understand what they're feeling"

Alberta's Syrian refugees jump at the chance to help Fort McMurray evacuees. Despite barely having a foothold in their new country, Syrian refugees in Calgary are contributing what little they have after seeing footage of the terrifying wildfire in Northern Alberta. Somebody tell Trump.
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“The software is functioning as intended,” said Amber.

"What Amber explained was exactly what I’d feared: through the Apple Music subscription, which I had, Apple now deletes files from its users’ computers. When I signed up for Apple Music, iTunes evaluated my massive collection of Mp3s and WAV files, scanned Apple’s database for what it considered matches, then removed the original files from my internal hard drive. REMOVED them. Deleted. If Apple Music saw a file it didn’t recognize—which came up often, since I’m a freelance composer and have many music files that I created myself—it would then download it to Apple’s database, delete it from my hard drive, and serve it back to me when I wanted to listen, just like it would with my other music files it had deleted."
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Friday Flash Fiction: Plot Elements used in Plot.

17 Amazing Plot Elements... When You See #11, You'll Be Astounded! [more inside]
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Sleep is more than the sum of its socio-economic consequences. A new generation is planting sleep in a broader spectrum of consciousness. The poles aren’t asleep and awake–they’re omniscient and dead.😉
K-HOLE, the "internet trend forcasting group", has followed up its 2015 report on Chaos Magic with what appears to be a legit report on how Sillicon Valley is monitizing sleep. (if the actual article is too sleep inducing, Ars has a write up)
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When my anger is expressed through dance

When my anger is expressed through dance. [more inside]
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Polyrhythmics - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

In which the Seattle-based instrumental funk band Polyrhythmics perform a 35 minute live set in-studio for KEXP. Funky.
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Beyoncé - 1+1 (I Don't Give A Damn Remix) Taeyang - You're My (Poom Poom Remix) 2pm - l'll Be Back 아윌비백 (Video Remix) AA / GD&TOP / TZECHAR - I'm So Crazy High, Take Me Away p.s. LOL THX BILLy
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ars ex machina

I have been to the future and have brought back art.

"ReTech was born of a desire to translate discarded tech into artistic pieces."
The FAQ explains it better than I can.
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'Seeing' around corners: DARPA research into holographic imaging

Announcing the Revolutionary Enhancement of Visibility by Exploiting Active Light-fields (REVEAL) project. Researchers from SMU's Lyle School of Engineering will lead a multi-university team funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to build a theoretical framework for creating a computer-generated image of an object hidden from sight around a corner or behind a wall. [more inside]
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Choose the ooze!

Weirdo Detroit art-punk troupe Child Bite team up with King Buzzo to infect local kids with Ancestral Ooze.

Link contains Raiders of the Lost Ark/Dead Alive-style splatter gore [more inside]
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Think Retro: writings on vintage Macs

For the last year or so, Christopher Phin's Macworld column Think Retro has been a wonderful showcase of classic Apple hardware and software. While this column has come to a close after 73 installments, the archives are worthwhile reading for Mac enthusiasts. Some highlights: [more inside]
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May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Time to celebrate Asian and Pacific Islanders who have enriched America! You can start here, a joint venture by several agencies, and continue below the fold. [more inside]
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