paper sculpture
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Giang Dinh uses the wet folding origami technique to make faces, animals, figures, and even miniatures.
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Love these! The cat figures are very evocative—look at this little guy's prideful pose.
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I'm particularly fond of the gorilla.
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They're wonderful, but yeah, the gorilla was what made me say "Wow!!" out loud.
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He's a better man than I.
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Cool! Now I have to try it!
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My favorite was the "Owl" that looks like a vagina.
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I've never heard of wet folding, but these are lovely, and make me want to try them. Also, needs the "there is a cat" tag. ; )
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These are so amazing! Although initially I thought 'dreaming dog' was just 'ball of deli paper'.
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I love the penguins. And the foxes. Ooh, the polar bear is awesome! And the gorilla! The cats are brilliant, and the owls made me laugh.

Okay, they're all genius. Wow.
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These are great. Much more organic feel than the origami I'm used to seeing and doing.
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he does amazing work with paper. I've had the great pleasure to meet him several times, and on one of those occasions he was doing a presentation about his design process. It was so fluid and peaceful- utterly different than anyone else I've seen.

He's one of my favorite origami artists, for good reason :)
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