Heaps and Heaps of Origami Designs.
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Got some spare time? Then let's learn origami! Check out this large collection of origami designs (suitable for beginners too), and here's some instructional origami videos to help you along.
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If my family felt I was spending too much time with them, they'd thank you.
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I got really big into origami as a kid in leu of having friends but I haven't touched the stuff in years. I've been meaning to get back into it.
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Damn, origami sure shows up a lot here on the blue. Not complaining, though: for those interested in the art, MeFi just happens to be a pretty good resource!

There's a good chance this has been linked to before, but anyway, this origami animation is pretty interesting.
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If my family felt I was spending too much time with them, they'd thank you.

We didn't know how much time we had together. But then, who does?
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Origami seems to me the sort of hobby that I could get into that would help me focus on a tedious and exact task with a very beautiful payoff, kind of like cooking or baking but a lot less delicious.
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OK, so I have to agree with flapjax - we've got a lot of origami stuff being posted here lately. However, as a serious origami enthusiast, I'm not going to argue :)

I highly recommend some of the videos from Sara Adams, who very generously makes videos of tons of origami models. She's a great resource for people looking to follow video instructions vs. the more traditional diagrams.


inconsequentialist: yes, origami does exactly that, particularly if you work on repetitive and exacting stuff like modular origami or tessellations. I've found it to be a very good way to meditate, actually, as well as making works of art in the process.

The origami love on the blue is almost inexplicable. keep it up!
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