1 electric mandolin + 1 Fender amp = Burn
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Donna Stoneman - Mandolin Shredder. Winning Arthur Godfrey with The Bluegrass Champs (2:10), "Under The Double Eagle", and The Stoneman Family - "Big Ball In Monterrey".
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i know I'm supposed to say something of at least some substance, but this is all I got:

bluegrass stomp: that was the best thing ever!
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Modern day Mando-shredder
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I just realized that people have probably been sick unto death of "Salty Dog" for at least a good 30 or 40 years longer than I've been alive.

Great post. :)
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Not to be confused with Mandoline shredders.
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More blues than grass I'd say.
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That first clip is a killer. New to me. Thanks!
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As in all things, tiny Brazilians do this better than we do.
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