tiny origami
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Tiny origami on fingertips. Artist: Anja Markiewicz. Her Flickr set and nano-origami set. More teeny tiny origami by Mui-Ling Teh. Perhaps inspired by MeFite Specklet's Tiny Animals on Fingers.

Specklet's minatures, previously.
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I did a crane that size once. Thin paper, a toothpick, and care is all you really need. Crane's a simple model, though -- that dragon is pretty impressive.
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I am a bit disappointed that Anja is only making at best milli-origami, rather than true nano-origami.
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My son makes some ti York origami, but these are even smaller.
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*tiny origami.
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Cool. Something really grabs me about the tiny spiders in the shop, but I'm not sure what it is.
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Hey! As one of MeFi's resident origami people, I am so glad to see a shout-out to Anja's skills.

We had the great pleasure to stay with her earlier this year, and I saw a lot of her work up close- it's TRULY tiny. she does it all by hand, too, just using a needle for detailed work.

She makes hundreds of these models, so the level of dedication is truly impressive.

Thanks for sharing this!
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On review: Nicky, I'm not surprised to see that you posted this :)
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this is hitting every I LOVE THIS button I have. Tiny! Origami!

I usually folded really complex models the first time with cut-down newsprint before scaling down to 10x10 or 8x8 or 6x6 paper. This is wonderful.
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