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The original Yahoo, Bollywood actor (and internet buff) Shammi Kapoor passed away after illness in Mumbai on 14th August 2011. The actor belonged to the Indian film industry's famous family of actors which included his father, Prithviraj, and brothers Raj and Shashi Kapoor. (His first wife Geeta Bali was a superstar in her own right) One of the most popular stars of his generation, also known as the "Elvis Presley of India" he starred in hits like Junglee, An Evening in Paris, Chinatown and Kashmir Ki Kali.
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Oh, the eyes and the charm. I will have to break out Teezri Manzil this week in memoriam.
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Career highlights include his performance with noted thespian and 80's Page 3 girl Samantha Fox.
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Not to mention, he was one of the pioneering netizens in India; he had a web (if not BBS) presence back in 1996 itself, when we had mile-long email ID's (think, for example, the '12' being assigned involuntarily), and had the choice of either going to a shell-based interface or a dialup that perpetually used to disconnect. Think he established a user group or two, and if I remember correctly, even did regular columns in PC Quest or one of those tech magazines.

Be swooned by his Bollywood charm, but do remember that he was a massive geek at heart; heck, by his own admission, he danced rather badly.
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During the later part of his career he gave a sublime performance as an aging Urdu poet in Ismail Merchant's In Custody (1994).

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Argh. Sorry, In Custody starred Shashi Kapoor, not Shammi. Still a great movie.
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That is sad news.
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(RTFA...) The story of his marriage to Geeta Bali under "her own" is terrific -- she used her lipstick for sindoor! That is such a charming detail -- at once traditional, modern, and sexy -- that I can't understand why I haven't seen it in a film before now.
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