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The woven photographs of Seung Hoon Park New works from South Korean photographer Seung Hoon Park. Park uses a process to overlay or weave together film strips, however this appears to be a single print.
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It appears that the photographer is laying 35mm film on the back of a large-format camera, perhaps in alternating rows, like a picket fence. Then the photographer develops the film, and weaves it together.

An alternate approach would be to take several photographs of a scene with a normal camera and use the enlarger to image the scene onto strips of film. These strips would later be woven together.

All in all, a nice technique and some very neat images.
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Got to be many 35mm (or smaller) rolls on a large format. Looks like two separatr exposures: one for vertical and one for horizontal strips. Neat.
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What they said.

HOWEVER! It doesn't makes sense like that. The film should be transparent, right? So printing, the two images would overlap, but they don't. Hm.

I suspect there may be shenanigans afoot. Are they perhaps woven digitally?
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Oh! Unless the thing that holds the film in the camera is also a sort of weavy dealy that blocks out alternating bits of film.
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...or it's woven after it's printed, in which case, every sprocket hole was cut out by hand. Gah!
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I'm voting two exposures (you can see this in the consistency of tone all vertical and all horizontal strips). Re: transparency issue, perhaps lines the back of the film with something opaque before weaving them?
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I'm going to say two exposures with a large format camera using strips of 35mm film on a custom film holder, printed just like that onto colour print paper, then the two final prints cut into strips and woven.

FWIW I did some repro work for a woman who did something like this (two interwoven images) with magazine illustrations and it was tedious for her but not much more tedious than cross-stitch. It's a nice effect.
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