My dreams have been crushed...
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My dreams have been crushed... The Diablo II beta selection is over and the results have been posted. A couple people were from towns near mine, but nope, no luck with me...
posted by hobbes (8 comments total)
Did you really think you had a chance?
posted by corpse at 6:57 PM on March 22, 2000

Nope, I know that the beta was "Slashdotted"... but it was pretty cool that one of the guys near the top was from Oak Brook, IL.
posted by hobbes at 7:13 PM on March 22, 2000

I wonder if these people were chosen because they check the "Yes, send me tons of advertisements and spam from both you and your associated venders, and while your at it, distribute my e-mail address and personal information to as many mailing list as possible" box
posted by dangerman at 8:18 PM on March 22, 2000

it certainly wasn't done by gender. i was sure being female would increase my very slim chances.
posted by brig at 10:48 PM on March 22, 2000

dangerman, I thought the exact same thing when I was filling it out, "Should I check the box? Maybe they filter out all the ones that don't check it..." I left mine unchecked, so I guess we'll never know...
posted by hobbes at 11:25 PM on March 22, 2000

Thats where hotmail addresses come into their own, submit a hotmail address, check the 'spam me' box, then you only need check it for the duration of the competition or whatever.
posted by Markb at 12:34 AM on March 23, 2000

FYI - I counted the number of female names and 1/2 of the gender-ambiguous names and came up with 61. Almost assuredly, this number is too high since probably more like 1/10 of the gender ambigous names are female. At any rate, that's a 6.1% female presence in this test.
posted by plinth at 6:17 AM on March 23, 2000

do you think if i kicked up a fuss about sexual discrimination they'd let me be a tester?
posted by brig at 10:37 AM on March 23, 2000

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