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David Blaine is a Demon From Space Part 4 Since the first video in 2006 there have been a Part 2 and Part 3.

By the comedy troupe ThoseLilRabbits
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I could have sworn that #3 was posted here and got pretty wildly panned for being homophobic, but I seem to be imagining that.

Regardless: I don't think 2-4 have been nearly as good as the original, but it brings me back to how funny I found the first one when I saw it. Thanks for posting.
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That was not as good as i expected :(
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Yeah not my favorite. I still liked the second one and I think I liked the third.

But of course now whenever I hear "what the F…" I have to follow it up with "…David Blaine!"
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I'd rather they make fun of David Blaine for being all douchey than for having magical powers.
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It would be pretty funny without the overblown gay/effeminate caricatures. So, really, if it was nothing but him giving that look to the camera.
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The greatest trick David Blaine ever pulled was making us think he was relevant.
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I found myself laughing at the performance of the gay guys and rooting for them as my heroes. I thought they were hilarious, and even faux-Blaine I detested. Although the way it was written, it would have been just as funny with not overblown effeminate man voice.

I love the little details in the dialogue that get talked over, kinda like Home Movies from the old Adult Swim. A lot of hilarious nested continuing punchlines while the next concept is introduced.
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HR: check your bookshelf. There's a book about relevancy on it. Open it up to any page.

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I knew that none of you would be able to stop at just the one YouTube video.

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An account of meeting Blaine on the street, with ensuing magic and pick-up attempts.
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1 and 2 are my favorites. Best moment in the whole series for me is "CHEEZITS!"
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The main problem with this episode is actually that they are all one note. OK, you hate David Blaine and want to get away. Screaming hasn't worked for 4 episodes now. Try something else?
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Best moment in the whole series for me is "CHEEZITS!"

Yes and few seconds later - Stop putting orange soda in our mouths!
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Heh, I was just thinking about these videos the other day. I'd seen 1-3 but didn't know there was a fourth. I still say a flamboyant "what the EFF???" every now and then but none of my friends ever get the reference.
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Some years ago in DC I had the occasion to speak with some people who were in town for a Falun Gong event. One of them, while demonstrating some Tai-Chi style movements, explained that the personal energy that could be directed and controlled by their group's teachings were also what gave America's famous magicians their power.

A master would be able to perform feats like driving their hand straight into the earth she said. However, this power could be used for good or evil. Great men like David Copperfield used their power for good and opposed evil men like David Blaine.

I don't think this was very representative of the movement, but it was certainly an interesting discussion.
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I love the David Blaine facial expressions to the camera.

Though it's weird thinking of David Blaine's survival-porn stuff when watching this one. Had to remind myself that he was an actual magician, once.
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I was in dinosaur times!

For some reason I thought there already were five of these before this one, however my google-fu is not producing anything to back up this memory. Wasn't there one in French? Am I having a stroke?
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