Funk Styles: The Electric Boogaloo
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It's not breakdancing. Not really, although it's associated with breakdancing nowadays; breakin' was originally seen as being very east coast, while these dances originated on the west coast. What was this dancing?Well, many of the most famous 70s-80s street moves are actually called funk styles, which were performed, at first, to funk and disco, and later to early electronic and industrial dance music. And the big daddy of them all was a dance called the Electric Boogaloo, and demonstrated by the Electric Boogaloos.Here they are in their zoot-suited glory, showing off their signature moves.

Here are some of the classic moves of the Electric Boogaloo, explained and demonstrated, with instructional videos.

Crazy legs: A move based on twisting the legs in surprising ways, created by a dancer named Poppin (or Popin) Pete but based on a dancer called Crazy Legs. Tutorial. Advanced tutorial (not in English, but useful anyway).

Frenso: The basic move of the Electric Boogaloo, containing the essential techniques of popping, consisting of an alternating popping of the arms and leg on each side of the body. Created by Boogaloo Sam. Somewhat goofy tutorial. Useful non-English tutorial.

Neck-o-flex: A move in which the twisting of the next seems to corkscrew the entire body in a circle. Demonstration. Tutorial.

Old Man: Another by Boogaloo Sam, an unbalanced, side-to-side move inspired by watching an old man cross the street. Poppin Pete demonstrates. Non-English tutorial.

Twist-o-flex: Like the neck-o-flex, but other body parts lead the twist of the body. Demonstration. Tutorial. Contemporary tutorial.

Walk out: A basic move in both Electric Boogaloo and popping, getting thou from point a to point b. Demonstration. Tutorial. Non-English tutorial.
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I still have both Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo on my DVR. Why have you caused me to waste my afternoon like this?
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Mod note: typo fixed, carry on
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"What Ever Happened To: Lucinda Dickey"
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Oh god tutorials I need to try these. Awesome. Thank you.
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Really great post. This and watching MJ moonwalk have made my night.
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