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D. on Ice, in honor of the 110th birthday of Walt Disney, kinda.
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It's so cold in the D.
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I grew up from the center of the Disney generation. My first TV was a 12 inch black and white consol sitting in the living room. We received three channels, in 1954 I was 6 years old, probably the target demographic for Disneyland.

I grew up watching Walt bring me animation, adventure, coming of age stories, and a promise of eventually being able to actually visit Disneyland (which I finally did, 40 years later).

Now I know it was all commercial, I know it was profit driven, but... back then, we really wanted to believe.
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All companies have to make profit to survive. There's nothing wrong with that. Walt Disney did a good job of it, and in the process gave us many great animations and films to grow up on.

Can't say I like very much of what they've done recently (save for Pixar) but their last animated feature, The Princess and the Frog was very close to old Disney, and was Disney's third(?) non-white heroine to boot, which is also good.
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Third? Sixth by my count. (The Emperor's New Groove, Lilo & Stitch, Mulan, Pocahontas, & Aladdin)
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I barely remember The Emperor's New Groove and I wasn't a huge fan of Lilo & Stitch (I know, pelt me with rotten fruit now), but I can't believe I forgot Jasmine! :(

I'm glad there's more than three!
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Emperor's New Groove is kind of questionable - he spends most of the movie as a llama (but the rest of the time he is totally Incan)
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oh wait, heroine. yeah totally strike that. There's basically no heroine at all in that movie.
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But was he a white llama?

I'm sorry.
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Disney .. Disney ... Oh, yeah the guy who turned every aspect of childhood he could conceive of into a marketing opportunity. Is he still dead?
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My formative idea of Walt Disney (aside from all the actual Disney produce) came from Bill Peet: An Authobiography, which was none to flattering. Peet works super hard animating a film and then his name isn't even in the credits!
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The great thing about Walt Disney is how he based every Donald Duck cartoon on his own life, because Walt Disney was actually a duck, who looked after three nephews with very similar names and outfits. Also Walt never wore pants. It's only now that we can look back at the stories of Donald Fauntleroy Duck and clearly see the biographical detail which reveals the life of pain and anguish that was Walt's existence, and realise what an amazing artistic genius Walt really was. But, we ALL are responsible for Walt Disney's demise, because WE were the ones who shot him, cooked him and ate him "a l'orange". I'm taking off my pants right now in tribute to this wonderful duck - I encourage all of you to do the same.
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Waitaminnit - I very clearly remember Disney wearing pants, and they were big ones, too. Are you telling me they added those to the Walt Disney Presents films in post-production?
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