Fictional characters, real voters.
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Being a charismatic young leader himself, gifted in bringing together animals from all walks of life (some had even called him the first zebra king), Mufasa related to Clinton’s first term. Like the Clintons, Mufasa was also a passionate advocate for universal healthcare since witnessing the positive impact of Rafiki’s healing powers for the animal kingdom.
How Would They Vote is a US/Australia focused blog tracing the political awakenings and inclinations of characters from popular culture. Find out about Optimus Prime's anti-environmentalism, which of The Breakfast Club voted Dukakis, and what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really think of Herman Cain.
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"Billy The Kid’s influence bred in them a cynicism of big government. The more time they spent with Mr The Kid, the more they thought, 'This guy isn’t so bad. He’s a great American – why are we spending so much time and effort chasing guys like this, when the real bad guys are the fat cats on Capitol Hill, looking after their own interests and not those of the rest of us?'

"This heady cocktail of political influence led Bill and Ted toward one logical end point – the Tea Party."

This is especially disturbing as, per the films, Bill and Ted provide the philosophical foundation for all government in the future. Yikes.
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This is exactly the kind of thing that really gets my nerd gland pumping. My favorite part is that this is fan fiction. Really, really good fan fiction. An argument for why fan fiction should exist.
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These are really well done. "Bender’s entrepreneurial nous started to blossom". Heh.
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"This heady cocktail of political influence led Bill and Ted toward one logical end point – the Tea Party."

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I refuse to believe Bill and Ted as tea partiers--their love of the alien in the second movie would suggest a soft position on border control, for one--this was genius!
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I'm confused as to how Marty McFly managed to vote for Reagan in '88, unless there's something about time travel I don't understand.
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>While largely disaffected from Australian politics, from Singapore, Mr Kelly cast a postal vote for the Australian Sex Party in the 2011 NSW State Election.

Oooh, edgy.
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The Clintons were never advocates for universal healthcare. Ever.
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Michelangelo at Occupy Wall Street! Someone fan fiction comic this up now!
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This is a funny idea, but the only fictional characters I more than vaguely recognized were Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, and Cinderella.

I conclude that all the rest of them are Australians, which makes this both a funny idea and informative.
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