An unusual coup d'etat
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Today is the 30th anniversary of Flt. Lt. Jerry Rawling's coup d'etat catapulting him into the crowded ranks of military dictators in Africa. Yet, Ghana chooses to celebrate this date and Rawlings' speech on this historic occasion has been shared and published, his words hearkened to (albeit) and his global standing only embellished by his [role]* as the African Union's envoy to Somalia. What manner of military dictatorship was this and what changes did the coup accomplish in democratic Ghana, today considered the fastest growing and stable Sub Saharan economy expected to be elevated to middle income status in the near future?

* The BBC describes him as the AU's representative on Somalia but the AMISOM website has missing bits around this fact.
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Dude staged three coup d'etats, two succeeded, eventually stepped down as head of the government, ran for President, won twice and then when he tried to appoint a successor, the populace voted 'no'.
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Fascinating, and the very success of the coup makes it a dangerous precedent. I wonder who in the USA is looking and thinking we need a strongman to put things to right.
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I recall learning about this in high shool (model UN, dude) and I'm not sure if this is true, but didn't he personally fly missions, or buzz the city in his jet fighter in a victory celebration or something like that?
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It only works if you share a name with a sporting goods manufacturer. Which is why "Cast Away's" Wilson now rules an entire chain of islands.
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thanks for this, infini.
it will make for some very interesting reading.

i'm curious to see where countries like Ghana and Kenya will be heading in the next couple of decades.
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Communication technology is accelerating the rate of speed of change (has done so globally and now, as undersea cables and increasing mobile bandwidth imply, sub sahara) - I don't think I can see as far as a couple of decades but I'm aiming to watch what happens over the next 3 to 5 years from ground level.
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@vrakatar: Twenty years ago I was in Accra, Ghana on Independence Day (or Revolution Day - I forget). J.J. Rawlings was in a fighter doing tricks above the city center to the great amusement of his citizens.
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