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The Pan African Space Station continues to arrive... I previously posted about Chimurenga's Pan African Space Station. Back then they were doing special events, but they opened up a world to innovative and experimental African musical artists. Now the Station has gone live and is broadcasting all night/all day! (Yes, that is a popup radio player...)

From the 'About': "In a double-take on the relationship between sound and spatiality, frequencies and territories, it will broadcast from studios at Tagore’s Jazz Bar in Observatory, Cape Town as well as a satellite studios in Limbe, Cameroon and Kisangani in the DRC. New satellites will be setup in Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya during 2012."
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Okay, I'm not actually positive if they're broadcasting live stuff 24/7; the site's a bit unclear on that. And by 'live', dj sets are included in the term. Right now it's some very hot jazz; yesterday it was crazy electronic/dance/screaming ladies music. And I have yet to hear Spoek Mathambo even once.
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omg love.
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Wow. Mind blown. Thanks for this.
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And I have yet to hear Spoek Mathambo even once.

No Spoek, no listen.

I kid, thanks for the link, I predict some good listening in my future.
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There's a Radio Africa iPhone app that allows you to tune in various station live (I'm assuming) - can anyone comment on how the one compares to the other?
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