africa fills the void
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chimurenga is an art and culture journal out of africa. they do internet radio, too. it's called the Pan African Space Station. and it bumps.
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the space station posts passcasts; you can listen to them right on the page.

i didn't list any particular passcast as i think it's more fun to just jump in randomly and check them out. i will say that even if you start from the top you'll be pretty moved. warning: this music can set your cubicle aflame.
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whoa! i've been jumping around listening to these all morning and just came across a cast that is NSFW. do avoid the HIV cast under the sbenga gang. sorry!!!
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I like it when people say something bumps. I hope to be described that way one day, if by chance met in public by friends who would like to introduce me to others. "LT is great - LT bumps!"
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I think you're bumpin', LT. Is that the same thing?
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Wait, you're telling us to avoid something you just told us was NSFW?

I mean, usually that's precisely the stuff that bumps!!

Yes, I used the words "bumps" and "precisely" in the same sentence.

Keyboard Cat, play me off, bumpin' style.

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well, these really nice old ladies jumped when they heard all those F wordz come out me netbox. and i had to smile reeeeeeal big. and i still made the sale, but i thought i had a personal responsibility to all the mefeeze to say something before i got a metatalking to.

but that sheet has been amongst my favorite on the passcast...

bump it!
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These do indeed 'bump.' Thanks for posting!
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I think this now requires the "bumping" and/or "bump" tag.
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