Cheaper than music
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Psychonaut by The Cosmic Dead is free psych rock. Going Up, Coming Down by Sudden Death of Stars is free French psych with sitars. Kosmonaut 1 by Kosmonaut is free Tangerine Dream-style space rock. Sedan by Sedan is free hypnotic piano and drums. Ouroborus by Hypatia Lake is free stoner rock. Watch Your Back by Butchers is free slacker noise psych. Tumbleweeds by Across Tundras is free prairie rock. Concrete Light by Luger is free neo-kraut in a Stereolab vein. Born to Deal in Magic: 1952-1976 by Shooting Guns is free instrumental stoner doom. You Can't Win by The Runnies is free female-fronted organ trio psych. War of the Giants by Axxicorn is free stoner metal. posted by klangklangston (16 comments total) 50 users marked this as a favorite
Wow. Nice stuff. You had me at Tangerine Dream.
posted by Splunge at 12:32 PM on February 2, 2012

Love me the Psych Rock

the Wooden Shijps album from last year is awesome.
posted by Ironmouth at 12:38 PM on February 2, 2012

I have to admit that Bandcamp has in large part supplanted any music I might have pirated in the past — there's just so much good stuff for free that I end up listening to that and then paying for the ones I like because I like to support those bands. It's just so much easier and why not let the band get the money directly? They usually just use it to make more music anyway.
posted by klangklangston at 12:39 PM on February 2, 2012 [3 favorites]

Klang, thanks for this. Axxicorn has just put me back in touch with my inner Beavis and Butthead. YES!
posted by Hoopo at 12:43 PM on February 2, 2012

posted by Bookhouse at 12:51 PM on February 2, 2012

yeah, this is nice. Listening to the Cosmic Dead now.
posted by dubold at 1:00 PM on February 2, 2012

This is very good.
posted by brundlefly at 1:17 PM on February 2, 2012

Tame Impala

You really need to check them out. They're like Revolver-era Beatles meets Barrett-era Pink Floyd. These guys are my new jam.
posted by Afroblanco at 1:37 PM on February 2, 2012 [1 favorite]

Really, really impressed by Sedan.
posted by I've wasted my life at 2:07 PM on February 2, 2012

Nice! I just downloaded a bunch of similar albums from Bandcamp the other day.
  • The Heavy Eyes have two free EPs and a full album for $5+ to download or free to stream. Super blues riffy stoner rock. Like a tamer Earthless with vocals.
  • Thorun have one older free EP and a newer EP that's £3 to download or free to stream. Real solid, clean sounding instrumental sludge
  • Radar Men from the Moon have a 5-track album (average song length is like 9 minutes so it's on the long side for a traditional EP) available for free or whatever you feel like paying. Kind of stoner meets space rock with old sci fi movie samples.
I've only listened to them about once each, but considering that that's six albums that you can own for like $10 total, including 4 for free, they're definitely worth a listen if you're into this kind of music
posted by cobra_high_tigers at 2:17 PM on February 2, 2012

free stoner metal... in specially marked boxes...

(apologies, I luv this stuff)
posted by ovvl at 3:48 PM on February 2, 2012

the Runnies are GREAT
posted by radiosilents at 4:40 PM on February 2, 2012

I seriously thought it was going to be like 'free jazz.' Not hearing the Ornette Coleman influence I expected.
posted by shushufindi at 5:23 PM on February 2, 2012

Woohoo! This is awesome!
posted by schyler523 at 5:56 AM on February 3, 2012

Wow! The Runnies! Thanks, this really good stuff!
posted by silkyd at 11:16 AM on February 3, 2012

The Runnies were just what I needed this morning.
posted by 3.2.3 at 5:43 PM on February 3, 2012

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