dress-up & paper dolls
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Hipster girl? Hipster boy? Superhero? Mii? A modern Mucha? Regency hero or heroine? Tudors? Steampunk (one, two)? Here's more.
How about pop culture? True Blood. Mad Men (Joan S1, S2, S3). Marty McFly (by Derek Eads). Jonathan Coulton. Lady GaGa. Kyle Hilton (previously: Arrested Development) also has Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and various films. (previously: a blog - manly - PONIES)
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How could you skip over historical witch? So accurate, it's even raining!
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The ones under the "Mad Men" link are odd. It's like somebody who's had paper cut outs described to them in a vague way but has never actually played with them. They have a glass of scotch that is basically the size of a spa for Don Draper (although that might be a social comment? And they have ties that are of a different scale and orientation than the tie the Don Draper model is actually wearing. Weird.
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Ahh, this reminds me of the old days moderating the Otakuworld forum, home of the KISS Doll. As far as I'm concerned, the medium reached its apex with Dov Sherman's minigame- and easter egg-packed magnum opus, in which you dress up Cloud Strife...in drag.
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Worse yet, the Mad Men link has the folding tabs attached to the figures instead of the clothes, as though they expect you to clothe the accessories using the human. Obviously we're dealing with someone unclear on the concept here.
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The tabs and sizing on the Mad Men ones are done properly when you open the PDFs they link to - I agree that the pictures are strangely done, but the PDFs are fine.
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I really like the Modern Mucha one.
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the breaking bad one for guss needs an extra face like the pinkman one.
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My friend and I are obsessed with the Tudor one. It's one of the better online dolls I've seen. Very detailed and most importantly not buggy.
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Modern Mucha seems a bit too anime for me.
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I love the Regency hero and heroine ones, although I didn't understand why Regency hero's cravats were in the undergarments section. Cravats are not undergarments! Beau Brummel would shudder with a certain refined horror!
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Disappointed with the female Steampunk one. If you are a steampunk lady, you need proper hats.
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I know what I'm going to be doing for the rest of the evening.
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oh god I love the underthings on the Mucha. She's got flowers hanging over her nethers and breasts by little chains, I am so totally going to do that either on stage or some crazy summer day.

Also I made a superhero version of my drunken pornmonger artist identity.
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oh wait it somehow lost the bottle of alcohol. THIS IS IMPORTANT. fix'd
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How can they have Gus Fring and not include a box cutter?
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OH MY GOD YOU CAN DRAG AND DROP SPARKLES I think I know what I'll be doing for the next couple of hours.
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printable Downton Abbey paper dolls!
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