Digital Images are SomeThing to aspire to? (A reflection on Hito Steyerl's proposal)
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Artist and film-maker, Hito Steyerl, asks us to stand shoulder to shoulder with our digital equivalents. Digital images are Things (like you and me) - a plethora of compressed, corrupted representations pushed and pulled through increasingly policed and capitalised information networks. If 80% of all internet traffic* is SPAM - a liberated excess withdrawn** from accepted channels of communication - perhaps it is in The Poor Image we find our closest kin?

* In her recent October Journal article (Digital Debris: Spam and Scam), Steyerl claims that "80% of today's email messages are spam"
** This piece by Finn Brunton, (Roar so wildly: Spam, technology and language), is referenced by Steyerl in the same October Journal article
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Well this sounds sufficiently flaky.
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that last link is amazing
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The last link reminded me of this.
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Great post, thanks for making it.
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I'm still not sure if I embrace everything Steyerl has written. In the art-theory circles I stumble into, let's just say her artworks are more readily accepted than her writings. Controversy is woven deeply into the rhetoric of e-flux, a rhetoric Steyerl is proficient at adopting. I must admit, I do think The Poor Image in particular is a great essay, enabling some fascinating 'object oriented' conceits on the ontology of the digital.

I'd be really interested to hear what you make of all these essays.

This is now somewhat out of date, but for those interested, I wrote an essay a while ago trying to de/re-fine Steyerl's conceit: Digital Autonomy (A Response).
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