Etta Baker, American musician
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Guitarist Etta Baker worked in a textile mill, raised nine children, and didn’t take her music to the stage until she was 60 years old. Fortunately for all of us, she continued to play and record right up until her death in 2006 at the age of 93.
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This is awesome. I was just telling my teammates at work about her a few weeks ago. I saw her a few times at Merlefest and it was magic every time. You close your eyes and you swear there are two people up there playing guiars. It's that banjo style finger picking Piedmont blues.
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Awesome, as usual, flapjax. Etta Baker should be a household name, if only for One Dime Blues.

I have always been a sucker for the alternating bass of acoustic country blues. I literally played the grooves off that Etta Baker/Taj Mahal album. The Crow Jane cut on that album is incredible.
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Thanks for that, IndigoJones. Certainly didn't come up when I previewed the post.
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Oh, you can't have too much Etta Baker! This was good.
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A friend of mine loves finger picking. He's pretty good at it and has learned quite a few of Etta Baker's songs. It seems like it's pretty difficult to deconstruct all the layers. It's nice to finally hear the originals.
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Love her beautiful fingerplucking. Thanks so much for posting this. Marvelous post flapjax!
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This is a great story. Thank you so much for bringing this to light, I had no idea about this incredible woman.
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Good stuff. Amazing woman.

Great post.
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