A Month of Kraftwerk from DJ Food, and more from other sources
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You're bummed that you're one of many who couldn't get tickets to the eight concerts of eight full albums in eight days at the Museum of Modern Art. Let DJ Food console you with a month of posts dedicated to Kraftwerk, including old and rare pictures and graphics, and six hours of songs that cover, sample, or are inspired by Kraftwerk, and even how to play Kraftwerk songs on your Casio pocket calculator. If you just want to hear Kraftwerk do their thing, here are three (incl. tracklist) live sets (partial tracklist) from recent years (tracklist).

If that's not enough Kraftwerk, here are a few live videos and live audio from various eras, on YouTube unless noted otherwise:

* A 41 minute version of Autobahn (audio only), from a live show in Leverkusen, Germany on 22th of April 1974.
* Computer Love, live in 1981 (5:36)
* Live at the Leicester University - 16-06-1992 (45 minutes on Google Video)
* Live in London in 2004, 2 hour audience-recorded video with decent audio
* München - Oktober 2011 (12 minutes of vivid, if shaky, audience recording, with decent audio)

Lots more from YouTube users Kraftwerkification and Nafoute
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filthy light thief: "and even how to play Kraftwerk songs on your Casio pocket calculator"

I'm going to admit that this phrase alone made me feel a little tingly in ways I probably shouldn't admit in public.
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DJ Food. As somebody that isn't a DJ, and doesn't need mixing material, I just wish Matt Black and Jonathan More would put out another damn Coldcut record already.
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My first genie wish would be to drive around in a Wipeout XL digital hovercar with the fictional cassingle of "Neon Lights" b/w "Spacelab" stuck in the stereo.
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Stagger Lee, have you heard Sound Mirrors from 2006? If so, you're up-to-date on the Coldcut front. As for DJ Food, it's only Strictly Kev these days, as Coldcut stepped aside to do their own work as Coldcut (who only got their stage name back under their own control in 1997). The duo made a number of different aliases for themselves while the record label Arista had the rights to anything produced as Coldcut.
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One of my favorite Kraftwerk memories was touring around Europe on a bike, listening to the few albums I brought with me on an iPod I decided to load up, not 10 minutes before the flight. Thankfully, it had Man Machine on it and some of the Tour de France mixes (but sadly, not the tour de France soundtracks).

Having "Neon Lights" play, while making my way up (literally, up a mountain pass) to Bourg d'Oisans in the middle of the night, under a full moon - bright enough to not need lights, in perfectly clear skies after a rain storm and f'n high on whatever passes as coffee in like, Valbonnais is one of my most memorable experiences.
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The new DJ Food album is hardly just mixing material, and Kaleidoscope is probably a trip-hop classic.

Also, DJ Food is the best, om nom nom nom I eat that shit up as fast as they servin' it.
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An internet post, wie er sein sollte.
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I enjoyed this cover of theirs.
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Great, thanks very much, filthy light thief! There are some live Kraftwerk sets from Coachella (2004, 2008) kicking around, which are pretty good too.

And yeah DJ Food rocks ...
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You can always console yourself with the cold tamale of Senor Coconut's Kraftwerk covers.
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Oh. thanks benzendream. What a treat!

More from the mother lode... the good Senor's tecnocumbria meets Krautrock meets the Beach Boys: Autobahn
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Thanks for making me feel like I missed out on one of the greatest things ever. Appreciate that.
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Wow, I was looking for a clip from a hip hop documentary where Afrika Bambaataa asks of Kraftwerk, "who are these funky white boys?"and I ended up in some sort of white supremacist chat board where they were lauding Kraftwerk and cursing Bambaataa for, true to his race, stealing the white man's work! Wow, not really something I needed this early in the morning!
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I have instructed the powers that be to play their music at my funeral.

Funny, I was just listening to "Franz Schubert/Endless Endless" on my drive in to work today, and I was thinking the same thing.
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AndrewKemendo: Thanks for making me feel like I missed out on one of the greatest things ever. Appreciate that.

Turn this loss into a chance to feel part of something bigger: everyone who wanted to attend a monumental performance, but cannot. (Previously)
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