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Hebrew University in conjunction with the California Institute of Technology and Princeton University Press are in the process of digitizing and releasing on the Internet Albert Einstein's personal letters, academic correspondence, love letters, and scientific manuscripts.
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Love letters? I hope they're NSFW!

"Elsa, my cuddlepup, the greatest thing to come out of my mouth was your tongue."
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This is how I envision all his personal letters and I will be very upset to have this belief disproved.
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This is pretty cool. I often drive by the Einstein Papers Project on my way to work. It looks like any other house, on a street with a handful of other Caltech houses (financial aid, etc.). I often wondered what goes on inside.
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I will not be reading Einstein's love letters. Reading James Joyce's love letters cured me of my interest in reading famous people's love letters forever. You might think I would have learned my lesson from reading Percy Grainger's love letters, which combine kinks which are not my kink with the floridest and purplest of prose along with occasional twee baby talk, but no, I went out and bought James Joyce's love letters. And was sorry I did.

Now, the rest of the stuff? Yeah! Cool project.
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I very much wish to have the memory of reading Joyce's scat fantasies professionally expunged.
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I very much wish to have the memory of reading Joyce's scat fantasies professionally expunged.

Stephen Joyce is trying as hard as he can.
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I've a casual "friend of a friend" that I've connected with on Facebook. He's a bit of an interesting guy, lives in the UK, travels a lot, I've yet to completely grok his lifestyle. A few weeks ago he made a rather cryptic post about "Albie"... After a bit of exchange, I realized that he was talking about Einstein, and made a reference to his father.

"Your Father knew Einstein?" I posted.

"Yes", he said, "my father lived in Berlin for a while when he was a child."

"How did he know Einstein?" I asked.

He responded, "When my Father was a child, Einstein lived on the same street. Albie, as they called him, used to stop by, gather up the kids (meaning his father and siblings), and take them for walks in the woods."

I have no clue what to make of this, but found it to be a fascinating little story.
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