"She finds her daughter burning cigarette holes in her arms...taking pills...listening to that violence-oriented punk rock music"
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Kill From the Heart, taking its name from the Dicks song, is an incredibly extensive resource for international '80s hardcore punk. The site has collected a ton of information, like reviews from different zines, interviews (including the infamous Maximum Rocknroll and FU's spectacle), discographies from labels, band histories, articles about different scenes, and more.

The site hasn't been updated in a few years, so I've included links that are from the older site, because it includes stuff that isn't on the newer one.
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A lot of these bands' songs have been uploaded to YouTube. It's kind of a fun way to kill a Saturday afternoon reading the record reviews and listening to them.
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I have to say I'm really enjoying all this midlife-crisis punk/HC revivalism and frantic archiving. Fun post.

Incidentally, a book called Ten Thousand Saints might be of interest to anyone reading this post. It's set in the 1980s NYHC scene, and actually gets it right.

I think I smell clove cigarettes.
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We hate punks
But we love the FU's
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KFTH led me to a great many bands I never would have discovered otherwise in the early 2000s. Even partially inspired my username of choice (then applicable, 12 years later - borderline ironic.) bonus points if you know what band it came from!
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holy shit! I guess I know what I'm doing Monday. Thanks
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> I have to say I'm really enjoying all this midlife-crisis punk/HC revivalism and frantic archiving

Then you might like Jason Traeger's Tumblr.
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Awesome! they had a link to the Belching Penguins! I've been looking for that album cover for years!

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