Leonardo's Bridge
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Leonardo's Bridge became a reality, with the construction of the 100 meter bridge spanning the E-18 in the township of Ås, east of Oslo. The design of the bridge makes modern bridges seem old in comparison. It seems that many of DaVinci's 500 year old ideas are coming to fruition.
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Coool! Awesome post, dancu!
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Leonardo also invented a type of pontoon bridge and a rotating bridge, not to mention the retractable bridge, the canal bridge or the split-level bridge for seperating pedestrians and traffic.

I could go on, but google is tired. He was undoubtedly one of the world's greatest polymaths, and the photos of the bridge at Ås remind me how beautiful architecture should be. Both prettier and more functional than the awful wobbly bridge.
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The BBC has a photograph of the bridge and its first pedestrians.
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Don't forget about his Horse that was sculpted by Nina Akamu based on Leonardo da Vinci's drawings. It's 24 feet high and weighs 15 tons. I've seen the in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and it has huge balls!
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another good photo here

(the link posted has photos but they load slow....)

Cool stuff!
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Hey, I really like that 'wobbly bridge'. It's utterly nice to look at/walk under. I think this is an 'each to his own' situation, but there are many, many worse bridges to take your righteous anti bridge anger out upon (like Waterloo Bridge, that's ugly).
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Doesn't quite fulfil the "bridge" part of the design plan, though, does it? By the criteria of "nice to look at/walk under", the London Eye is a fine bridge.
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Heh. Bridge rage. Take the red-tinted glasses off whilst reading my posts ;)

The millennium bridge is dysfunctional. It looks prettier than many other bridges, yes, but it's still awful for the first reason.

And not half as pretty as Leonardo's anyway, but that is a matter of opinion, as you point out.
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Nice, but I don't understand how Leonardo's design "makes modern bridges seem old in comparison."
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No. It is a bridge, so long as there are less than fifty people on it ant any one time. It's just a victim of its own popularity! And even then it's only a nasty slight swaying that makes you inner ears go funky.

Also, the London eye was a fine bridge - before it was raised it bestrode the Thames with imperial majesty (there should be some aerial photot's online somewhere) and I'm sure I saw people scurrying along it.

All of which is some of the most tendentious argumentatievenss I've ever produced. Nice.
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