Brasil profundo
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A treasure trove of Brazil from the conflict between Natives and farmers to Music inspired by the bandit Lampião.
Discover writers (with a metafilter hat tip); Scary Lullabies e muito mais.
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Lampião is my dog.
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I woke up with "Aquarela do Brasil" in my head—so I figured today would either be horrible or dreamlike. So far, it's been pretty dreamy!
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Oi sim, sim, sim, Oi não, não, não,
Mas hoje tem, amanha não. Olha a pisada de Lampião.
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Thanks, thanks so much adamvasco - I am a huge Metafilter fan and feel really honored by your post.
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This and Fernando Pessoa may finally convince me to learn Portuguese.

But I also have to learn German. And Italian. And Russian. And!
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