RIP Austin Peralta
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Jazz prodigy Austin Peralta has died. Announcement and links to his music at Brainfeeder. Peralta contributed to Flying Lotus' recent album Until the Quiet comes; on Twitter this morning Flying Lotus wrote "it kills me to type that we lost a member of our family, Austin Peralta. I don't really have the right words right now." From Fact: "In his tragically short life, the California native had proved himself to be a fearsome and precocious talent. At 15 years old, Peralta was already touring the world with his own trio, and performing alongside legends like Chick Corea and Omar Hakim. Whilst still at high school, Peralta headed up ensembles featuring luminaries like Ron Carter and Buster Williams. He also released two LPs (2006′s Maiden Voyage and Mantra) in Japan before the age of 16." His entry on Wikipedia. Tribute from Frank Ocean.
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my phone lost its charge last night, so waking up to a bunch of "did you hear about austin" texts was strange...

it was a pleasure seeing him around town and playing out with him too. such an amazing guy. super-talented. really nice. gonna miss him so much.....

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Far too young.
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An obit is now up on the LA Times: "In a review of Peralta's gig in 2011 at Lot 1 Cafe, The Times' Chris Barton was effusive: 'Peralta was often a force of nature on his red electric keyboard. Hammering out squelched, funk-dappled notes that recalled 'Bitches Brew'-era Chick Corea at one instance or flickering, twilit atmospherics the next, Peralta sounded like every bit of the next big thing.'"
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I never had the chance to meet him in person, but I really enjoyed his playing. Very sad to hear this.
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I can't believe I forgot to link to his personal site.

It's just such saddening news-- only 22 years old. What a loss.
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How terribly sad. I had only just heard his music for the first time recently. I had no idea that his father was Skateboarding Legend/Film Maker Stacey Peralta.

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. An awesome talent lost to the world.
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