Lorn's The Maze to Nowhere EPs, experimental, accessible and free
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Lorn has never been one to shy away from the darkness in his music. However, where as his previous release, Ask the Dust (Grooveshark) was bleak and mechanical in it's struggle with its demons, The Maze to Nowhere (Bandcamp) is melodic, fuzzy and at times even warm. If you've listened to Lorn's previous releases, 'warm' is generally not a word associated with his tunes. Whereas his previous effort worked with the bleakness of empty space, we find him filling in those cracks on this album with static, fuzz and ambient effects. The resulting product is a much more organic sounding beast, and man, does it sound great.
From the Sputnik Music review of Lorn's first of ? parts in The Maze to Nowhere series of pay-what-you-want EPs on Bandcamp, which now includes Part 2 and Part 3, still with no end in sight.

If you want some visuals with your music, here are the official videos for Ghosst(s) [previously*], Weight Me Down, Diamond, and a short clip for Tomorrow, from the earlier EP/album, Nothing Else (Grooveshark), which was released by Brainfeeder.

More on Lorn: Discogs, and Ask the Dust page on Ninja Tune. He's also on Soundcloud, where he posted Certain Limbs, a compilation of songs to celebrate 1 million plays on Soundcloud.

If you'd like to know more of of Lorn, here's some of Marcos Ortega in his own words, in a video interview he did in 2012, talking about his origins and work with the Brainfeeder crew, and an interview with Vice, also on his early days and the people who supported him. Bleep asked him about how his influences and style, and The Quietus digs deeper, to his earliest thoughts on music.
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Fantastic post filthy light thief! Listening now. Also, if yall could help a mefite out with the 'lyrics' in Diamond I'd be so appreciative.
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Weigh Me Down is an excellent track, angry and despairing. I find that most new music I enjoy comes by listening to Ninja Tune's weekly broadcast, Solid Steel. Lorn has made a smart choice to release under this label.
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So, so, so good.
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Listened to all of it. I think my favorites were Shelter and Oxbow B, though I like the stuff where it sounds like a song of its own rather than a backing or instrumental track. Also, been rockin this untitled joint from 18andCounting that was on Dolor & Lorn's Drugs IV, for a few years.
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Sweet. I really liked his first album Nothing Else and I'm pretty sure I saw him live when I was going to Low End Theory (SF) every month, and then I totally lost track. Ask the Dust sounds great so far and I expect this does too.
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