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LA-based electronic artist Flying Lotus has teamed up with the interesting animator Cyriak Harris (Previously) for a video to his new single "Putty Boy Strut". A small game based on the collaboration was released prior to the video.

A blog post by Creators Project summarizes the video as a more terrifying version of Katamari Damacy!
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Watched this for the first time, thinking "This is a Cyriak rip-off". Then read the FPP properly.

All the things I love are there, but it's just too... pretty. Feel the same about Flying Lotus. Guess I need a little venom in my art.
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Not as much as the discovery that we must now call Flying Lotus FlyLo.

Igor! The Beefheart! AT ONCE!
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It reminded me a little of Robotic Mutation, a student film of his from 1998.
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Cyriak is a genius.
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How awesome would it be if cyriak teamed up with an indie dev to make a cyriak-themed video game? So awesome, is how.
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So which came first, the video or the music?
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Forgot to include the info in my FPP, but the track is from his (very excellent) EP, Until the Quiet Comes, which is to be released next Tuesday via Warp Records. It can be streamed via NPR's website.

The song came first... been hearing him play it in his live sets since (at least) the middle of last year, if not earlier.

Devonian, if you have the chance to see FlyLo [;)] live, do it. He's definitely one of the few producers who can put on a proper live set. Here's a list of his upcoming worldwide tour dates. I'll probably be making an IRL post for the LA date if anyone's interested!
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Looks like he's not doing London this year, though. Promises for 2013, which I may yet be tempted by.

Been a while since I did an all-nighter, and been a while since I did Brixton Academy (Kraftwerk in the mid-90s. All my pals (including my boss) were on E, I elected to ride Dr Hofmann's bicycle. It was rather fine).
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This song is absolutely wonderful. Love the jazzy break in the middle.

I think both Cyriak and Flying Lotus are pristine, beautiful examples of suddenly giving form to an inchoate mystery you didn't have a proper name for until you experienced it.

Plus, you can put your weed in there.
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