Cats and an 80's Themed Party
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Fuck This Jam "is a jam centered around the theme of making a game in a genre you hate." Some of the highlights include Dear Esteban, which will "blow an existential hole in the player's perception of their own realities" (walkthrough); Totally Accurate Toilet Simulator; Crystal Crashers, a "match-one" Flash game; T.Y.P.O., Teletype Protocol Operation; GolfXTRM; The Message, an interactive story about space; and Fuck This Dungeon, an orc/goblin murder simulator. [via]
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Crystal Crashers is much harder than it looks - it took me about fifteen minutes to get to the secret level. The trick is to time your attacks with the narration from your bonuses.
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Is this about making games that are hateable? If so, it's working.
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Although that space one made me laugh alarmingly.
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"t.y.p.o." keeps making me use "jew" (lowercase) as a word. They couldn't have come up with a different choice?
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I'm a fan of Desperate Gods. Updated rules on the creators' forums.
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I'm tihnking that GolfXTRM needs a hunger metric, going up over time, which requires one to find gophers, etc, hit them with the club and then eat their fuzzy remains. And as long as we're putting in hunger, one might as well build in a full Rogue-like...
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Also, now I actually wanna replay Dear Esther.
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I like these. They're low-stress.
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I wish I heard about this jam sooner. Desperate Gods looks really cool.
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Don't make me sit through more than three logos at the beginning of a game, please.
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i rule Toilet Simulator. didn't even have to download it.
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I love the idea of working in a game genre you hate to put your own i-love-this twist on it. I took a video game development course and the group I was in just *had* to make a zombie game. I was totally against it but by the end when we had our own graphics and music and gameplay I was all HEE HEE zombies are okay but our zombies are BEST ZOMBIES! BRAAAAIINS!
Haven't played yet, but GolfXTRM definintely sounds like a golf game name that someone trying to make a non-golf-game golf game would name their golf game.
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Textfire Golf.
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One of the comments in the toilet simulator:

Endox said: This is brilliant. I wish it had multiplayer :D 15 days ago
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I was going to take part in this jam, except I didn't think I'd be able to pull off an MMO in a week.
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But...what the fuck is a "jam"?
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But...what the fuck is a "jam"?

People simultaneously (and potentially collaboratively, but often individually) performing an activity within an agreed-upon time window, so that (at least) all of the participants can see the output of the others.
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I think it's a loan word from music, as in the "jam session" so I figure they're trying to get connotations from that.
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So I just played Crystal Crashers, watched the Dear Esteban playthrough, and the intro video for the jam as a whole.

The intro video seemed to emphasize the design growth of finding novel parts of a genre you don't like and being pushed out of your comfort zone, but at least those two resulting examples go with parodying the genre which might be a way to stay in your comfort zone by distancing yourself from the game.

To compare, something like Achievement Unlocked parodies the ridiculousness of the achievement mechanism, but created a fun little game out of it at the same time.
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Dear Esteban made me laugh out loud. The narration is all about the recently closed Eddie Rickenbacker's and every detail in it is true. Yes, including the death.

It's apparently reopened and I hear the character of the place has diminished. The cat with the missing leg (diabetes, we thought) is gone, the motorcycles are gone, the large, seemingly always near-death owner is no longer lounging in the front watching TV, the waitstaff of an entirely singular nature working elsewhere (friendly, but not taking a lot of shit and not going to engage *too* much with the bullshit tech crowd that rolled through with the exception of my one friend who comes up later).

I'll always remember the time they wheeled the owner to the back from his perch in front. I remember stepping on one of his cords. I never figured out if it was the power cord for the TV or the one for his oxygen. There was a lot of alcohol that night.

Eddie Rickenbacker's! A place where classic where you ended up sometimes because SoMa is kind of terrible, and sometimes you ordered the fish and chips, and sometimes where you found yourself wondering which of the classic motorcycles overhead you'd rather be under when the next earthquake hits, and sometimes a friend shows you and your friends his ballsack (this is the friend).

Rickenbacker's! It's where the shitshow was.
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