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I haven't really touched a traditional fighting game since Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast, but that was mesmerizing. I'd like to see somebody try to replicate any of this choreography with any given combination of Mortal Kombat characters, if only to further prove the unquestionable superiority of Capcom and SNK's fluid control schemes over Midway's seemingly random movesets.
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Man, I miss sprites.
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People are too good at video games :(
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They are! But this is tool-assisted, so rather than reflexes, it is demoing incredibly in-depth knowledge of game mechanics on a more abstract level. Competition players are amazing, but this is a different animal.
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I used to think I was pretty good at Super Smash Brothers Melee, until I started watching youtube videos...
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My experience of the Street Fighter series stops at the first one with mixed-case character names (and the guy with MAXIMUM on his pants because each letter is vertically symmetrical). So this was very strange to watch.
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I admire the sort of dedication one has to their craft that creates shoptalk that is really impenetrable to the casual gamer. When I'm reading up on fighters, I have to refer to guides which spell out what OTGs mean, and sometimes the abbreviations sprinkled around are specific only to the one game (especially the name of the special moves). Like, from the link:
0:57 COTA Cyclops can superjump-cancel his s.HP and c.HP optic bullets. Sentinel’s s.MP and c.MP launch two rockets each, and his s.HP beam erases any projectiles it touches. Both characters are suki-canceling whenever possible. Cyclops’ s.HP nullifies the central orb of Sentinel’s Plasma Storm and his MP Gene Splice passes through the rest.
3:50 IaMP Sakuyas collide Bounce/No-Bounce superjump-canceled into j.C canceled into air Ambitious Jack, followed by the time-release of Sense of Thrown Edge simultaneously with another Ambitious Jack. 46 knives to collide against 46 knives, totaling 92.
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Is epileptogenic a word?
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For you, it was the time you were backed into the corner and died by cheeseball sumo-slap... for me, it was Tuesday.
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