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The criminally overlooked work of independent Canadian animator Myles Langlois has my vote for best thing on the internet right now. Specifically Apollo Gauntlet, the tale of a lone hero prone to quips and violence wandering an (imaginary?) wasteland in search of Dr Benign so he can return to Earth, and Superspace, the saga of two mounties, a woman and her son, a criminal, a pilot, a robot and a bald guy who find themselves trapped aboard an alien spaceship. The low-rent production style, like highschool binder doodles come to life, and hazy Sifl and Olly-style humour might take a little getting used to, but it's all part of the charm. Here is a teaser, a trailer, and a 1992 Sales Presentation for Apollo Gauntlet.

Apollo Gauntlet

Season 1
Episode 1: Pilot, in which we meet our hero and he meets a truculent blacksmith.
Episode 2: O, Well, in which our hero has an encounter with a well, and discourses on the movie Ringu.
Episode 3: Cactus Attacked Us, in which our hero is attacked by cactus.
Episode 4: Ok, Awesome, Yeah Thanks, Alright, See Ya Later, in which our hero exacts his revenge on the guy who gave him a bum map into danger.
Episode 5: Hello Governor, in which our hero tries to charm his way past the guards of The Kingdom.
Episode 6: God's Lips Kissing You Goodnight, in which our hero uses the medium of song to argue his point.
Episode 7: The Dundrum Kingdom Slave Auction Incident, in which proceedings are disrupted by our hero and his magic gauntlets.
Episode 8: The Creature, in which Apollo Gauntlet takes responsibility for his actions, and the fulfillment of his terrifying vision is eclipsed by a terrifying eclipse.
Episode 9: Osborne King, in which our hero teeters on the brink of insanity, and receives help from the most unexpected of sources.
Finale: Make These Gauntlets Powerful!, in which our hero must save the world with only two stone pillars, some rubbery vines and a giant chunk of rock. Will his gauntlets be powerful enough?

Season 2
Episode 1: Win, Place, Show, in which our hero deals with the palace guards, and receives a challenge from a true fighter.
Episode 2: Belenus Blade, in which our hero composes a paean to his opponent's legendary blade.
Episode 3: You Will Believe A Man Can Fly, in which our hero exchanges quips and blows with Prince Belenus.
Episode 4: I'm Not Angry, I'm Just Disappointed, in which our hero receives some advice from the Princess.
Episode 5: The Interrogation of Dr Benign By The Hero Apollo Gauntlet, in which our hero addresses his grievances to the man who sent him to this dimension.
Episode 6: Initiate: Psycho Mode, in which our hero meets a foe who's not a man or a machine, but just something in between.

That's all there is for now! It updates every Sunday on Rugburn (previous).

Also by Myles Langlois and apparently his brothers?


Webisodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
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Whoops! Messed up one of the links. Season 1 episode 6 should link to here.
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Well, that's something.
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Love this show. Watched all the way through about four times and it cracks me up everytime.
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Oh man! That intro is a total earworm "Here comes Apollo Gauntlet". Loving it, thanks for posting.
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It's just like Game of Thrones - "I'll buy all your slaves".
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Previously! My first ever MetaFilter post was about Apollo Gauntlet. I had no idea about the new episodes, awesome!
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Huh! Actually, oulipian, unless I'm wrong, these are (authorized) reposts of those original episodes but cut into shorter pieces. The originals have been taken offline.
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