Merely by the power of his interactive environment
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Stephen Lavelle AKA Increpare (mentioned previously, previously, and previously) has recently released some new games recently, as mentioned by Liz Ryerson (also previously). Many of them create vibrant, emotional, affecting environments. The club like dream/nightmare that is Slave of God is written about by Cara Ellison of Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
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gonna have to play this game asap.

reminds me of my friend telling me the origin story of the southern hip-hop variant, "chopped n screwed"... dj screw basically slowed down, pitched down and beat juggled (that is, playing two copies of the same record and staggering their playback to create syncopation) tracks because that's how stuff sounded while he was on syrup.

so excited!!! thank you for sharing.
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i just grabbed basically everything on his games page last weekend. glad to see it get mentioned here, too.
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so minced off your pus the world slowed for you

So what off your what?
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so minced off your pus

Just watched this short LP and I think I understand now.
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these people who travel in the same circles sure like each other's projects
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I played Slave of God a few weeks ago. Major fuckin epilepsy warning, by the way.
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Oh, damn, yes. What hellojed said! The game page itself and the RPS article has a warning on it but I really meant to put one in the post itself. I don't suppose the mods could add one or something?
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Slave of God is amazing (and short!). It's a night out, with everything except the addled subjective impressions stripped out; it makes me reflect on my past experiences differently, and it's just fun to play. It's an interesting experiment in visual style, too.

And I say that even without moving in Lavelle or Ellison's circles (which I'm not so sure are really particularly the same ones).
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yay increpare thread. I was just playing Mirror Stage the other day.
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