Turning back time & space with the orchestral pop music of The Long Lost
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Five years ago, Alfred Weisberg-Roberts, aka Alfred Darlington (more widely known as Daedelus) finally released an album with his wife, Laura Darlington, under the group name The Long Lost. And it's beautiful, light and airy orchestral pop that owes a greater debt to Caetano Veloso than Coldcut, the style of music that might not out of place being played live in a knitting shop, which could seem a bit strange for a group releasing their music on Ninja Tune. For further fond words, The Gaslamp Killer considered their album one of his top picks for 2009, and here's a nice interview with Alfred and Laura. But we're really here for the music, so here's their self-titled album, streaming on Grooveshark.

To date, the duo only released 16 songs as The Long Lost, as they have released no b-sides, but they did record two additional songs beyond the 14 on their album: the older track, "Coyote's Song (When You Hear It Too)" (from a split EP), and a new piece, "Your Own Backyard" (from the Light from Los Angeles multimedia project), and there are a handful of remixes from their two singles. If you're looking to get into their heads a bit more, in a musical sense, here's a podcast/mix from the duo for XLR8R. And you're not hallucinating, there is a weird little Bufferin "Memories" advert that opens the mix, and it is indeed narrated (and animated) by Jim Henson, with a score by Raymond Scott (previously).
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And if you like the general sound or feel of their music but want more of that weird-beat Daedelus sound, this Laid Back Radio mix titled Long Arm - This Strange & Wonderful World might scratch your itch.
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Daedalus got me started on the turntables by letting me play around with one of his scratch records. Yay!
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Awesome, and eponisterical!
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Whoa that first song sounds like Astrud Gilberto to an amazing extent. Amazing.
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