"We're back! We're hungry!"
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Hungry? Meet Rocky and Mayur -- two likeable blokes who happen to host an Indian food/road show called "Highway On My Plate." Since 2005 they've been traveling around the country sampling the culinary delights of the subcontinent, and lately they've been visiting school and college cafeterias. Youtubery ahead! posted by bardic (8 comments total) 20 users marked this as a favorite
Yum. The food was one of my favorite parts about living in India. I'm not sure I would say it was day-in day-out the best I've had anywhere (though some was amazing), but as a vegetarian it felt truly incredible that in any eating situation I could 1) expect to be able to choose between a number of different tasty things, 2) have my dietary choices fully respected, and 3) not have to constantly stress about whether there's undercover ham bits or chicken stock or veal smidgens in my food (I won't mention any names, France).
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I love street food, and I love Indian food. I've yet to try Indian street food.

Thank you so much for this. Looking forward to lots of inspiration.
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I want the food. I'd love to travel with these guys. Sold. I guess, in pertinent parlance, subscribed.
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Great stuff. Thanks.
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I had "Magic Masala"-flavoured Lay's chips this afternoon, they were great! Go team India!
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These guys are the Guy Fieri of India. Conteplate this on the tree of woe.
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I just got back from India, visiting family. Theses trips typically involve long periods of travel on India's highways and lots of eating. For the first week, both activities are enthralling and I am on sensory overload. By week 2, I usually feel like "That was nice, let's go home now." At the end of week three, I've been sick at least once, I have headaches from car exhaust and the sound of lorry horns, and I am craving a peaceful meal of mashed potatoes or something similarly bland. I started watching some of these and just said "ug, no." I'm not ready for this yet.

So I guess what I'm saying is, these are great. Really represents the experience of traveling in India. Bookmarked for much later reference.
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dunkadunc: I love street food, and I love Indian food. I've yet to try Indian street food.

I'd be very, *very* careful with that. Food in the style of Indian street food is fantastic, but actual food bought on the streets is not likely to agree with a non-native stomach. "Delhi belly" isn't just a cute catch phrase.

(Although I still maintain that it's the road dust and grime in the brown liquid filling that made panipuris of my childhood memory so amazing. Not having lived in India for many years, I wouldn't dare try them today.)
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