Pokémon From Memory
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Laura Bifano (previously) has not seen a Pokémon since she was 12, but she's going to draw them anyway. Sometimes she has help from her followers, who describe the characters they want her to draw. Noelle Stevenson (previously) did a similar project last year.
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I was kind of hoping the drawings would be super-crappy in a good way. But these are cool too!
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This is awesome, I love it.
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Pikachu and Meowth are oddly divergant, givne that if you see the show you see them all the time. Cool though.
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Love the style, thanks for posting
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Gingerhaze got so many Pokeymans requests on her main tumblr that she broke it off onto its own blog: The Pokeymans Project. As far as I know it remains ongoing.
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They kind of remind me of BPRD monsters.
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Oh man, thanks for that article, Artw. I've been toying with the idea of doing Pokemon as a tabletop RPG with a group of my friends, and struggling to make the setting not-horrifyingly-dystopian when examined closely.
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Excellent, thanks Mizu!
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My 11yr old, who loves Pokemon characters, and pretty much has them all memorized, really enjoyed going through these and shouting out things like "AAHH! That looks nothing like Meowth!"

"She's terrible!."
"She's a terrible artist?"
"No! She's a good artist. But she has a terrible memory!"

to be clear--he thought they were great.
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Shit even *I* knew kinda what Meowth looked like and I never played and rarely saw anything but the most fleeting glimpse of cartoons. I even went and checked after the comments here to see if it was the one I was thinking of!

I was more of a Digimon kinda guy - the cartoon, never played the games. It just seems cuter, and darker(?) and more rich in style.
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I never watched Pokemon, so these pictures are doubly great. They would look good framed and hung on walls.
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