Laura Marling
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Singer-songwriter Laura Marling will release her latest album, Once I Was an Eagle, this May. She's shared a first song off of it, "Where Can I Go?"

This will be the fourth LP unassumingly put out by 23-year-old Marling, who cut her teeth in London's vibrant indie folk scene.

Some of her songs sound rooted in the folk music traditions of the British Isles; others hearken back more, maybe, to Joni Mitchell and peers; still others feel right at home alongside Marling's folk-pop contemporaries.

She's collaborated on performances and tracks with Johnny Flynn, Ryan Adams, Mystery Jets, Rajasthan's Dharohar Project, Mumford and Sons, and Noah and the Whale.

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I love Laura Marling. Thanks.
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She's so talented that it really was nigh on impossible to choose links to tracks. Might as well have thrown darts at a dartboard, practically!
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Her style is slightly different, but a lot of what I like about Laura Marling is also what I like about Caroline Herring. Marling's work is a little darker-toned, but there's something about the warm immediacy of both their voices, and their stripped-down production styles, that goes well together.
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I clicked "rooted" and "folk music" and was all hey, I like her, neat. Then I clicked "traditions" and I was all Wow damn! and I ran off to buy some music. Thanks!
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Just realized, from rtha's post, that I should have provided this for reference in the FPP, but here's a list of the songs linked (none the studio versions-- figured I'd avoid redunding what you'll hear when you, inevitably, buy the albums) in the "Some of her songs..." sentence, in order:

Blackberry Stone (Alas, I Cannot Swim)
All My Rage (A Creature I Don't Know)
Devil's Spoke (I Speak Because I Can)
Rambling Man (I Speak Because I Can)

Sophia (A Creature I Don't Know)
I Was Just a Card (A Creature I Don't Know)
I Speak Because I Can (I Speak Because I Can)

Ghosts (Alas, I Cannot Swim)
Cross Your Fingers (Alas, I Cannot Swim)
Goodbye England (Covered in Snow) (I Speak Because I Can)
My Friends (A Creature I Don't Know)
My Manic and I (Alas, I Cannot Swim)

I can't remember if threadsitting is a thing on the blue...
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You're not threadsitting, don't worry. Thanks again for introducing me to her music!
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Yep. Laura Marling is great. Thanks for this!
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Woo-hoo! Rambling Man converted me but I think she gets better and better with each album - which bodes well for the upcoming one! Thanks for the heads-up and the link!
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Love love this. I spent the summer of 2011 listening to Alas, I Cannot Swim (especially Ghosts, My Manic And I and The Captain And The Hourglass) on a loop. It was a fairly stressful moment in my life, and listening to those songs gives me both mild anxiety and an incredibly comforting feeling.
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There's also New Romantic from before her first album. She's 17 years old in that video. Amazing.
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Saw her on tour last year with Andrew Bird. Utterly charming and wonderful singer/song writer.
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