Cats in games: does exactly what it sounds like
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Do you like cats? Do you like videogames? Then you'll love cats in videogames (SLTumblr).
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They forgot the Nethack cat.

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I need to play the game that features DJ Space Cats.
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I have no idea how these people got their cats wedged into their games, or why.
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I think it was Tenchu that had a few cats interspersed.... You'd be sneaking around with your sword(s) and poison rice, zipping from rooftop to rooftop courtesy of the seemingly powered grappling hook, only to run into impervious cats that would detect you and run off yowling....

"What!" Warriors run up brandishing swords, while you hide in the rooftop, waiting for the eventual "Where are you...."

Meanwhile, the cat either continues running around alarming people, or finds some place to sit and casually ruin your stealthy intrusion into some lords manor. There was nothing you could do about them other than avoid them.

(Man, I loved that game... It was flawed, but what was great was OH so great. The glitches were part of the charm, for sure, and any game that has cheat codes that will allow you to control any arbitrary enemy with the second controller, allowing them to use magic items - resulting in making dogs stand on their hand legs, gesture, then breath fire - is OK with me. Best unintentional multiplayer imaginable!)
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I need to play the game that features DJ Space Cats.

You're in luck; it's on sale.
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MartinWisse: You're in luck; it's on sale.

"Windows only" is the "Allergic to cats" of the gaming world. :(
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My favorite "cat in game" moment was in Mafia 2. The first time I played it, I had to turn the graphics way down. A year later, I returned to it with a better video card. The first time I left Joe's apartment, low and behold, a cat hanging out in the hallway yowled at me then jumped onto the open window sill. When I got closer, it jumped into the alley, and you could hear the metal trash cans outside being knocked over.

I love the idea that the cat was there all along, but was only visible to me under the right circumstances. Perhaps in my first play through the cat, because I couldn't see it, decide to follow me. Perhaps we robbed that jewelry store in the mall together, perhaps the cat comforted me when I was all alone in prison, perhaps it tagged along when we blew up the Empire Arms Hotel, or when I sat in my apartment contemplating the wrong turns my life had taken.
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Toilets in videogames.
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Remember the original Phantasy Star on the Sega Master System where you fucking were the cat?

Rad. That is all.
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I adored Alley Cat. My siblings and I would play for hours. *happy sigh*
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One of my favorite things to do in Chrono Trigger was play the cheesy minigames in Norstein Bekkler's Tent of Horrors over and over again, because if you won any of them more than once, you got cat food as a prize. Then you could go to your house and there'd be extra cats hanging out! I think I got up to nine or ten before I got bored and decided I should probably stop screwing around and save the world.

Alfador was my favorite, though.
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The companion to Cats in Amateur Porn [highly NSFW, maybe NSFLife] from last week!
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