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NestWatch offers all kinds of interesting information about birds and their nests with beautiful pictures of the birds, their nests, clutches, broods, and fledglings. An example: the Indigo Bunting. Each page about a particular bird includes their often beautiful songs and sounds. There is a related Flickr NestWatchers site, as well as an extensive community with links about places for bird watching in each state. It's part of the fabulously encyclopedic website of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology with its own rich archive of superbly organized recordings and videos at the Macaulay Library.

Voyeuristic: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Cams and their Bird Cams FaceBook page

Some elegant bird pr0n, Great Blue Herons mate after primping their nest on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology YouTube channel, which is packed with all kinds of interesting, often mind boggling, videos and stunning visuals, like the Boreal Owl Hunting in Daylight, Birds of Paradise Introduction and the Birds of the Mississippi River Delta.

The song of the Wood Thrush

Just for fun, adding this amazing hummingbirdcam into the mix. Phoebe, the hummingbird, has laid eggs again and they are expected to hatch April 20th. The journey of her parenting her miniature babies from hatching to fledging is mesmerizing. (Previously)

Prior posts about the Cornell Ornithology Lab and the Macauley Library: Previously, previously, previously and previously.
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I love this so hard.

I've been playing some of the birdcalls for my cockatiels, and they love it too!
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This just reminds me of the pair of black phoebes that built a nest in my eaves, only to have all three chicks die trying to fledge when they fell 15 feet onto my deck. :(
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It's probably in here already, but this is what I used as a reference when I bought my first 'serious' binoculars.
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Birds of Paradise are one of the great wonders of the world, right up there with the pyramids.

Come to think of it, all birds are wonders. Awesome post, nickyskye!
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Oh wow, what a great post Nickyskye! Its just in time too, I just started a new painting of birds! I have bird books, but this really plumps up my research with gorgeous new pictures and information to gleen from. Im gonna be up all night!
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I've often thought that humanity made an evolutionary error in abandoning bird-song as a means of communication. How wonderful it would be if each of us had a song.

Just a thought.
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Yay! I put up bluebird boxes and recently saw a pair house shopping at oone near my garden.
Presently the migrating birds are eating tons of seed. I'm filling the feeders twice a week. It's never quiet outside since the birds are constantly talking. (I have one mockingbird who's learned to mimic an osprey call. Took me a while to figure that one out.)
This post will be enjoyed. Thanks.
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Thank you for this post! It is my lifelong endeavor to see an Indigo Bunting. There are a couple other great sites if you want to watch the migration dates of different species. The Hummingbird map is great if you want to set out your feeders at the right time. This site will give you migration maps for certain birds, butterflies and plants which feed them, as well as ice out, grey whales and other tidbits.
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Brilliant post. Thanks. My Quaker approves too.
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Thanks for this! I've been thinking of posting something to update a broken link in an old post of mine, but perhaps I'll just put it here: printable bird checklists provides checklists in Excel, Word & Pdf formats for countries and regions around the globe (based upon the International Ornithologists’ Union's World Bird List). Happy bird spotting all!
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A friend of mine--a raptor research specialist from before RRSs were cool--retired several years ago from the BLM. She has an amazing eye for birds. Once riding in a canyon with her she commented that she was enjoying all the lazuli buntings. ??? Once she started pointing them out they were everywhere. And stupid me, I hadn't seen a one of 'em. (although to be fair, I've seen elk and big horn sheep that she missed, cause she was looking at the birdies.)
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