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Wikipedia Live Monitor is an experimental site that scans Wikipedia edits real-time searching for frenzied editing sessions. Matches are compared with "plausibility checks" on Facebook, Google etc.. to see if there is something in the news, thus quickly pinpointing unexpected events.
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I let it run for about 10 minutes just before posting this, and it returned the Boston Marathon bombing as breaking news, because of events today.
posted by stbalbach at 12:54 PM on April 17, 2013

I believe my new band name will be "Frenzied Editing Sessions".

Kinda cool, but needs work in the UI department. In particular the individual entries need to be much much smaller with an option to break them out.
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The Articles Edited Right Now stream is hypnotic.

Article clusters right after I clicked:

Ricin, Harlem Shake, UK miners' strike (1984–1985)

Sounds about right.
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The Cosmic Background Weirdness Monitor made reality! I love living in the future sometimes.
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The software is open source so it should be easy to run this locally for other things besides breaking news.
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Now all we need is Veidt
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The Javascript refreshing limits its usefulness, I think - it would be better if it was continuous between sessions. Good job overall though.
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Here is the academic paper that describes what is happening here. I like how they use the term "An educated guesstimation" in their "Premature evaluation" section. Both those terms would also make good band names.
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This idea is awesome but it seems to be not working. I see activity above, but the "monitoring..." parts never fill in. And one of them disappears.
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Punditry: premature evaluation
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I appreciate how prominent their "Read the paper" link is.
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Seems like right now Wikipedia is all about football. (Soccer for you filthy 'murricans)
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This is mesmerizing. Combine this with a version that constantly scans 4chan and Reddit and you've just put the Huffington Post out of business. (DISCLAIMER: This is not an endorsement of the Huffington Post.)
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Last Sunday afternoon, I watched talented young Australian golfer Adam Scott win The Masters. Who, thought I, is Adam Scott? To Wikipedia I turned.

And that's how I learned that (for at least a few moments on Sunday afternoon) Adam Scott's nickname was "Shackle Dragger Magoo".

THERE'S your band name.
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I like how they use the term "An educated guesstimation"

No one ever likes reading the word 'guesstimation'. I don't know why people still bother writing it.
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Oh great, another way to get lost in Wikipedia.
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"To Wikipedia I turned."

You forgot the [/Zoidberg]
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