Color Me Impressed
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The goal of Color Me Impressed is to share every known Replacements (and related) live recording available.
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Odd, I was just sent this link from an old pal, via Buzzfeed of all things....I assumed the internet kids younger than Craig Finn missed out on this spirit of rock n roll hot mess.

Angsty, blue collar, romantic/cynic left of the dial and wrong side of the track music spoke to me.

The spirit of rock n roll.....Wham!

And don't forget about Songs For Slim, since the stroke I think he could use it.
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THANKS for this!!! OMG.
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Yes! This is fantastic
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Near the top of my very long (and growing) list of regrets is the fact that I'm too young to have ever seen the 'Mats live. I did get to see Paul twice, once by himself and once with a full band.

Thanks for the post.
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Thanks thanks thanks! Having just watched Color Me Impressed, I was reminded of how much I would have loved to have seen these guys live. Also, this set list is hilari-awesome.
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...oops, Color Me *Obsessed.*
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Took a brief look through and appears to be missing lots of early concert dates, or at least I didn't see them. Two that come to mind that I was at are the Navy Island show in St. Paul in 1983 (according to the internets May 21) where they opened up for REM and others. Also, they played a string of high school mixers in '84 and '85. I saw most of these are they were hilarious. The best was the the all-girls catholic Regina High in Saint Paul.
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Every time I hear about the Replacements I laugh. I have a co worker that is a quiet older maintenance man. He doesn't say to much, laughs easily and has been known to eat cans of franks and beans for lunch. He is a pretty tight lipped guy and doesn't talk about his home life much. In fact he didn't even tell his co-workers when he went away and got married. He is just that kind of guy.
Then one day at lunch he mentioned his stepson...Tommy Stinson!
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I Will Dare to download all of these.
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That's funny, because I'm pretty sure Westerberg's dad was a maintenance man as well.
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Well, this is rad. I was hugely into collecting 'Mats shows about seven or eight years ago, but managed to lose my entire collection and haven't gotten around to replacing it since.
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C.A.S.: Paul worked as a janitor at the office of Sen. David Durenberger, I believe, and I think his dad sold cars...
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I'm pretty sure his dad was a dentist...
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