Radio Replacements
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The Replacements on KFAI FM Minneapolis 1983.
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Fuck School

Johnny's Gonna Die
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I have a feeling this thread's gonna die, too.

But like the YouTube commenter says, "This is what makes the internet great. Never knew these early videos even existed."

And get a look at the Tommy Stinson's crazy big jacket in the
I Will Dare
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Why would it die?? Are you kidding me? This is GOOD!
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Coincidentally, Rhino is reissuing the first four Replacements albums tomorrow, with extra tracks. (Pitchfork review.)
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I love The Replacements. But at the time, The Crucifucks represented what I thought was cool.

Sorry to hijack your thread dude. I'm too lazy to create my own.

Someone needs to create an awesome Crucifucks thread though.
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Made my night, thanks.

One of the nice things about living where I do (around New London, CT) is that there are still a fair number of people in these parts who treat the 'Mats with a kind of head-shaking reverence. For about 10 minutes way back then, they really were the greatest band in the history of rock and roll.

I Hate Music/Stuck in the Middle from the '81 7th St. Entry show. Amazing.
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Man, I never would have made it past sixteen without the 'Mats. Thanks for links.
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From the same decade -- Todd Rundgren on Letterman : Lysistrata, Change Myself and The Waiting Game.
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Sometimes I just ain't in the mood to take my place in back with the loudmouths. Still, thanks for this.
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In case you didn't notice, this post covers the "three R's" -- Replacements, Rundgren, and Roots -Rock -Reggae:-)
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*subscribes to PHINC's newsletter*

More Crucifucks. With appropriately awful sound quality.

Cuz if any band should hijack one of vronsky's excellent threads, it should be the Crucifucks.
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Wow - living in Mpls so close to KFAI, this is really interesting.

However, PHINC's Crucifucks threadjack totally FTW. I never even *thought* to look on YouTube for videos of their shows, you totally made my day.

I remember listening to them for the first time as a teenager and it just blew my mind.
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Everyone is free to post whatever they want in my threads ;-) Always. No sweat dude.
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Funny, on reading the front page I thought "Fuck the Replacements, here's the Crucifucks," and you people were already talking about them. What a weird coincidence.
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"Unsatisfied" is the second best song ever written in the history of the world.
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"Unsatisfied" is the second best song ever written in the history of the world.

And the best song is "I Just Called To Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder.

/(snickers, hops on tiny skateboard and flees thread giggling)

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And Johnny Thunders is #1. Or maybe Billy Don't Be A Hero?
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Placemats, awesome.

... but yay Crucifucks! Steve Shelley's first group. Thurston Moore gave the C-Fux a shout-out when I saw his solo gig last October.
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Placemats rule.
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I was very young and punky in St. Paul in 1983 and one of my most lasting regrets is that I never got to see the Replacements before my parents moved me to Arizona in '84. I did see a couple of amazing Hüsker Dü shows though.
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I recall one sweatry summer night in 83 or 84 and popping down to the local punk/new wave club to catch the end of their set, not knowing who they were. The were loud as hell, Westerberg with his hollowbody and the "firewood" sticker on it. They were so loud and chaotic people were walking out. I was transfixed on these guys. Totally fascinated with these guys - they were bucking a lot of trends, 80's conventions/rules for bands, people need to realize. I know its probably more of a dude thing - but these guys were sick! they had I WIll Dare 12" promos in their van. I have the tape of this show where they do this "new one" called "I will dare," one claps and Westerberg says "I gues nobody liked THAT one." They did "2oth Century Boy," and "Hitchnin a ride." A huuuge fat wall of overdriven guitars. After the show Bob Stinson wearing nothing but panty hose and a fur vest asked me and my buddy who had "any drugs." They were on their way that week to NYC to make it big. (which immediately happened) those guys were sick! good times. burp
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My band in eighth grade couldn't decide whether we wanted to be more like the Replacements or Hüsker Dü. In our minds, that is. We obviously didn't rise to level of either, but those were our hometown heroes at the time.

We kicked the asses of the Grateful Dead-wannabe band of juniors and seniors in the Battle of the Bands, however. That was glorious.
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