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Tanner, a blind golden retriever, has a guide dog.

(With apologies for hokey local news commentary.)
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Not helping me get over my near pure faith in dogs are solid awesomeness.
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My cats have a bit of symbiosis going on. I added a feral cat who may well have been shot with a pellet gun to my very tame, but very cat skeptical group of cats. He has taught them how to get along with each other, including quite a bit of cuddling. They have taught him that I can be trusted, so I get feral kitty snuggles too.
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On the internet nobody knows if you are a blind dog. Except Blair. Blair knows.
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The hokey commentary makes it, in my opinion. What are you going to say about such a sweet story that doesn't sound hokey? The Courtship of Eddie's Father theme just drives it home.
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Loved this video. Thanks for posting.
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Here's another story about a dog acting as a seeing eye dog for another dog.

I think it underscores that Blair is not unique. I don't mean that as a knock on Blair the dog, who is awesome. But dogs seem to have a natural tendency to look out for one another, even if one of them is having trouble in some way.

We could learn a lot from them.
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Beautiful, just beautiful.
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I am a total sucker for animal-friend stories. My limited google powers are only finding items from 2012; does anyone know if they were adopted together?
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Tanner and Blair adopted by Jenks Family. Includes a video clip of their forever home.
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