"We're the anal safety snails!""Reminding you to start slowly!"
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Oh Joy, Sex Toy! (NSFW), is a comic concerned with "reviews of everything that relates to sex, sexuality and the sex industry. From toys to workshops to birth control and much more, no stone will be left unturned, no vibrator left unused, no nipple left unpinched," by Erika Moen (Tumblr)

Moen also wrote DAR!, which has since finished.

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Oh I love Erika. I learned about her from Strip Search (previously), and she was really, really good!
posted by rebent at 4:48 PM on June 28, 2013

Oh yay. I saw when this went up, but it didn't have any content yet. It's great.
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I think we just killed it...
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Also artist/co-author of Bucko and one of the happier losers on Strip Search. One of webcomicdom's more interesting characters. It's the hair.
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I am amused by the clitoris with a face and waving arms on this one.
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It's gonna warp peoples minds that the dudes from Penny Arcade had something to do with this comic's existence.
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Hrrgle BlrglhhErg is gonna be the best sockpuppet ever.
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I love everything about this, but especially the Anal Safety Snails.
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Needs more boy-toys ;)
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Erika was really charming on Strip Search. She was probably the most graceful and good-natured reality show contestant I've seen.

One of the competitions involved being interviewed by a hostile interviewer, and she was chastised for opening up too much about her sex life. I thought it was pretty sex-negative, and now, with this strip out, it looks even more like a silly criticism.
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I like how she draws all kinds of pretty definable characters and all kinds of bodies enjoying sex and masturbation. I'm not really an expert on X-rated comics so maybe there's someone else in the world who could do a comic like this, but Erika is both super-talented at figure drawing AND conscientious about inclusion.
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I miss DAR so much. This is good, though!
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Ohhhh, so that's how you're supposed to use that!
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"It's gonna warp peoples minds that the dudes from Penny Arcade had something to do with this comic's existence."

Nah, the problem with Penny Arcade is always that they do so much right, but when they get something wrong, they react like total assholes. That they supported her and this comic is the baseline — she clearly gets it, they're around people that get it, they're supposed to get it or at least not be dicks when they don't.

That all said, half of MetaFilter also fits that profile.
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Yeah I think the moral of that story is "Everyone should get career advice from Robert Khoo before they enter the workforce."
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by Erika Moen

Must try not to say it... struggling...
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If you - like me - wonder where you have seen those comics before, because you - like me - click on almost every link available, it was hidden deep inside the biggest dildo factory here on the blue. Now my mind - like yours - can rest in peace.
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Yeah, the variety of body shapes for her demo characters is delightful. And she's got a nice pacing and good writing style.
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The high point of convincing my husband to go to Heroes Con a few years ago was him coming back with signed Erika Moen comics for me. She is SO great.
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I spent the last 24 hours reading all of DAR and some of Erika's other works and love it all. Couldn't remember how I went down that rabbit hole, but I am guessing it is bitter-girl.com's fault. Probably saw something in her Twitter feed.
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