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BRICKbricksmashSMASH. It is a game!

Don't spoil the surprise. =)
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Oh man, I was lousy at Breakout. But... Breakout within breakout? I think you just broke me.
posted by not_on_display at 7:49 PM on July 3, 2013

If you hit a block on the side, nothing happens. That's a pain.
posted by jeather at 7:56 PM on July 3, 2013

That's awesome!
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That was lovely. I wish it lasted longer.
posted by jacquilynne at 8:06 PM on July 3, 2013

Oh god, the upper blocks going away just made me freeze for a millisecond and go TOO MANY BALLS.
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Breakout is my favorite video game, and I've played countless variations. This is a new favorite. I agree with jacquilynne and just wish it lasted longer. Just lovely, thanks for sharing it.
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It's kind of hypnotizing as all the balls and bricks are in play.
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for people who don't want to squint, I am using chrome and when I zoom in, the game stays the same size. By right-clicking and selecting "Show all", it fills the screen.
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Ooh, Getout: Forever is another breakout game from that site. Why did my mouse have to break today?
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That made me very happy. The game has great sound design, too.
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Because Engelbart died.
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1. Nothing is happening, what is this shit.
2. Oh I get it.
3. Oh look another ball.
4. Oh I broke through.
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2:54 with 4 balls. Fun stuff.
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This is a really cool and creative idea, and the music created by the balls is oddly soothing, even when there are 5+ bouncing around.
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Oh wow. I can't believe I won that.

Rot13: Ubjrire, gur ceboyrz vf, gung V chg nyy zl nggragvba vagb xrrcvat onyyf hc, naq qvqa'g gel naq cynl gur tnzrf vafvqr rnpu oybpx, fb vg jbhaq hc whfg yvxr abezny oernxbhg, ohg vg gbbx n frzv-enaqbz ahzore bs uvgf gb oernx rnpu bar.

Due to this, my favourite version of breakout must remain Alleyway on the original Game Boy.

If you want to have some real fun, send someone the link while on skype with them and watch them as they 'get' it, and as the first big group of blocks break.
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My first game, before I really understood exactly what was happening, I got 1:43 and 28 balls in play at the end. I've never managed better than 8 balls since then.

Beginners luck is totally a thing.
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OK I did it. I can win at Breakout! I can move on with my life now. I feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you.
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beautiful...and diabolical.
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23 balls. You can just sit back and watch.
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Best: 1:03, 58 balls
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Something must have glitched my first game, because I got 520 balls. My best in normal play is 38. Why do so many scores end in 8?
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That's impossible!
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i don't think it was a glitch, i think that's just a consequence of how the game works. the more balls you spawn at once, the faster they'll spawn further balls. i tried for a while to replicate your score but the best i got was 134.
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1:27, 158 balls.
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Is it just me, or is this a pretty decent representation of how the world works?
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Very pretty, visually and musically. I skimmed past this in my feed reader assuming it was along the lines of this, so thanks for posting it here.
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The best thing about Breakout is punching a vertical column out and slipping the ball up through it so that it bounces around the top space, knocking out bricks like a machine gun.

Doing that in this game launches balls in the subblocks above their respective bricklines, and it's a recursively good feeling. The fact that breaking a subblock releases multiball (the second best thing in Breakout) is icing on the cake.
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Like Canageek, at first I thought I just couldn't afford to pay attention to the tiny balls, but then V zvffrq gur onyy, ohg vg jnfa'g tnzr bire naq V ernyvmrq, "Gurer'f fgvyy n onyy vafvqr gur oybpx!" fb V sbphfrq ba cynlvat gur bar oybpx hagvy vg eryrnfrq zl onyy.
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It also gives you a way to focus your attention on one block that you need to punch through to the top.
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Worth it just for the sound.
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1:02, 51 balls
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Very nice: the chain reaction at the end reminds me of the ending of Sunshine.
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This is particular to my interests!!! Any chance on more levels?
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I could get to 70 balls twice, but never beat it.
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Such an aggressive name for such a lovely little game!
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I just got 537 balls through the glitch.

Somehow a ball got wedged right in a corner between two bricks, bouncing back and forth between them, filling both bricks with a constant stream of balls.
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