ROCKY: I mean, c’mon - do I look like a Rambo to you?
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In 2010, six friends sat down to watch all four Rambo movies in one day. Inspired, they realized how f&%king awesome it would be if Rambo were to fight his doppelganger Rocky. They plotted the movie in five minutes, split up the writing chores, and each wrote a section, without any of them reading the others' work. This is that story. (Not the story of how they wrote it, but the actual script they wrote, Rocky Vs Rambo)
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Guns beat fists.
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Psh. The Best Show beat them to it by three years! I give you RAMBOCKY.
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MoonOrb: "If Rambo had to face off against Clubber Lang in First Blood: Part II, he never would have made it back home alive. Just saying."

I'd pity that fool.
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What about Cobra?
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It doesn't have any Rocky in it but Son of Rambow was a real treat in Rambo-inspired film.
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We've all seen BroForce, right?
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Now if we could only get Superman to fight Batman...

wait.... :)
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Rambo v. Dutch?
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My mistake. I guess I’m like Steve
Jobs or Phil Knight, everywhere I
look, I see RAM... BO. Steve Jobs
sees RAM in his computers, and
Phil Knight sees Bo Jackson as a
spokesperson of his company Nike.
If that's not Aukerman, I'll eat my goddamn hat.
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I'd bet Harris was the one who named the Elephant Kulap too, though that might have been Kulap herself.
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^^^^^Spoiler Alert.
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If you had access to a camcorder in the 80s, you probably made your own Rambo movie.
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I can't believe this actually lived up to the list of writers.

RAMBO: Maybe you don’t know what expendable means! Expendable means a person that no one cares if they show up to a party!

I could sit here all day quoting this screenplay, but really I'd like to use this comment to beg Cthulhuberg, Yog Sothothstein or whichever eldritch horror is currently running Hollyweird to fund. this. film. pleeease. I bet they could even get Stallone.
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I really want to print this out and bind it, but I can't find any of those plastic toothed bindery things in my office.
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The only fair comparison between Rambo and Rocky would be seeing who would win at arm wrestling.
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