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PORCELAINia. A short documentary about artist and scientist Bobby Jaber. [Via]
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I want to go be his apprentice.

This is why I love this place. I never would have found this and it made my day, thank you!
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These are exquisite and his process is incredibly elaborate and detailed. Besides being a wonderful artist, he seems like a really nice human being. Great post, homunculus, thanks.
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Fun porcelain fact! "The word "porcelain" comes from the material's Italian name, porcellana, which literally translates as a "cowrie shell" and refers to porcelain's similarly smooth surface. But the Italian cowrie shell in turn takes its name from porcella, a young sow, because the shell’s shape is reminiscent of a small, female pig's vulva."
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Thanks for the video! And thanks for the porcellana explanation, which makes a lot more sense than the "glistens like porkfat" idea I heard as a kid.
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Truncated icosahedron.

Those are beautiful, beautiful things. They push my perforated sphere/ geodesic dome buttons just so.

He's right, too - ceramics are very much about chemistry, and even the most expert artists will tell you there is always an element of chance to the process. The best embrace that chance, learn from it, and their experiments inform their technique. I'm really impressed with his precision.

(I am trying to remember which one of you said that working with porcelain was like working with moody cream cheese, because that is so spot-on.)
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