Folk Art of North Carolina
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The Gregg Museum of Art & Design at NC State University has a great collection of folk arts. The strongest section is in ceramics, with stupendous representation from the NC wood-fired, salt and alkaline glazed traditions. There's this 1868 Hartsoe Alkaline glazed jug, this 19th cent. jug with kild-drip, this Hancock Half-Gallon jug, this Randolph Cty salt-glazed jug with ashy shoulder, and then the moderns: Burlon Craig, Vernon Owen, Mark Hewitt. There are also great photographs, weird furniture, outsider critters, and more. There isn't a good browse function, so you need some idea of what you want to search for.
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Hooray for Clyde Jones (of the critters link)! If you ever find yourself in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area of North Carolina with time to kill, do yourself a favor and go to Bynum and check out Clyde's critter yard. He loves it when people pay him a visit to check out his yard full of critters.
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Several of my friends are potters in Western NC. This site is great, thanks.
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this is some cool stuff. i go to ncsu, and this work is just beautiful in person.
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Seconding the Clyde Jones suggestion. A close friend of mine used to live down the street from him, and I was always amazed by the new stuff he had in his yard every time I would go to visit.

Despite the fact that I lived in Raleigh for 18 years, I've never been to the Gregg. I'll have to check it out.
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good post, but don't forget one of the best young(ish) potters, Ben Owen.
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Nice post Omie. Lots to look through here.
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It's too bad the images look like they were captured from TV.
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Thanks OmieWise. That search screen is a bit silly isn't it. There are a few places like that - sort of catch 22: you can find many things here but you must miraculously know what they are before you can find them.
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I remember asking my mother how to spell something, and she'd invariably say, "Look it up!" If I knew how to look it up I wouldn't need to ask how to @#!!&^@ spell it.
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